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Birkhead to meet with Anna Nicole’s mother

Larry Birkhead will meet with Anna Nicole Smith's mother tonight to discuss custody issues over his daughter with the late model, Access Hollywood can exclusively reveal.

Birkhead confirmed to Access Hollywood's own Tony Potts earlier this morning he planned to speak with Virgie Arthur within a matter of hours.

"I suggested to Larry after Virgie's attorney's post-DNA comments Tuesday at the courthouse that maybe the best thing is to get he and Virgie alone in a room together here on the island, forget the lawyers and just work it out," Potts said. "Hopefully that is what will happen tonight.

"Larry has repeatedly told me he wants Virgie in Dannielynn's life so if she goes for custody it would jeopardize all of that goodwill," Potts added.

Currently, Smith's longtime companion Howard K. Stern has custody of the 7-month-old Dannielynn.

Birkhead, an L.A.-based photographer, told Potts the transfer of custody is expected to happen sooner than the month-long period that has been reported. Birkhead hinted the child may return to Los Angeles with him instead of residing for a brief period with him in a makeshift Bahamas household.

Birkhead confirmed he has seen his daughter twice since it was announced DNA results proved he was the father.

Previously unconfirmed reports surfaced that a former associate of Smith's told police the former model ordered her to underfeed Dannielynn to keep her "sexier." Birkhead revealed to Access however, the child has gained weight recently.

The photographer said he is not concerned about Dannielynn's health, but he has a pediatrician lined up in California for the child if any medical situations arise.

In related news, Birkhead may be taking a page from Angelina Jolie's press book. In order to quash a paparazzi battle for the first photograph of Birkhead and his baby, he is considering putting a picture out there himself.

Any money made would go into a trust for the child, Birkhead added.