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Birkhead hoping to hold baby girl soon

Tony Potts has scored the first interview with Larry Birkhead since the death of Anna Nicole Smith.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Access Hollywood's Tony Potts has scored the first interview with Larry Birkhead since the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

MSNBC's Rita Cosby was the only other reporter to talk to Birkhead on his way into the Broward County Circuit Court today where the battle for custody of Smith's body was taking place today in the courtroom of Judge Larry Seidlin.

"Larry, how are you? We haven't seen you since Anna Nicole's death. How are you doing, how are you holding up?" Tony asked Larry.

"I'm hanging in there, hanging in there. It's been tough but I'm hanging in there right now," Birkhead responded.

Tony: "Why do you think it's important to be here today?"

Larry: "Just to honor Anna's wishes and to be here for my — our — daughter and just to make sure everything goes down the way it should."

Tony: "How will you feel when you sit there and you'll be across from Howard K. Stern looking him in the eyes and he's the fellow who's actually keeping you from your daughter."

Larry: "Um, it doesn't make me happy but, you know, I'm here to make sure, I hope, that that doesn't happen too much longer."

Tony: "What have you been doing these last couple of weeks, how have you been handling everything?"

Larry: "I've been in bed, just not really able to get out. This is one of the first times I've been out so…"

Tony: "What do you want to tell the people across the country who seem to be in your corner and have been supporting you through all this?"

Larry: "Thanks for your support and it's been a long tough road and it's not over yet but I'm hoping for the best and just hanging in there."

Tony: "What will it mean to you if you're finally able to hold little Dannielynn in your arms once again?"

Larry: "It'll mean the world, that's all I've really wanted with this whole thing and that's uh, I'm sure it's right around the bend for me so …"

Tony: "What have you been doing to keep your strength up through all of this, to not get discouraged, to not throw in the towel and say everyone seems to be against me?"

Larry: "I just look at a picture of my daughter and that's all I really need to see, to keep me strong."