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Birkhead and Dannielynn's first public outing

Before Larry Birkhead was cleared to take his baby home, “Access Hollywood” was there as he took Dannielynn out in public for the very first time.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Larry Birkhead will be taking his daughter, Dannielynn, home soon. The only thing standing in the way is a passport for the child and some serious packing before they head back to the United States. Before he was cleared to take his baby home, “Access Hollywood” was there as he took Dannielynn out in public for the very first time.“When you were pulling up to the newsstand and trying to find pictures of your daughter (months ago), did you ever think you would have this day holding her, having pictures taken of you two together,”  “Access Hollywood's” Tony Potts asked Birkhead in a recent interview.“It’s a good feeling you know, just to capture the moment, one of the first moments me and my daughter together,” Birkhead said.

Potts was with Larry the first time he ventured outside with Dannielynn to capture all of the precious moments for their first family album and the expression of joy on Larry’s face.The two share a striking resemblance, not only in the hair, but those piercing blue eyes.

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“They can do the comparisons instead of the split screens, you know. It's right there, dead-on, so that's important,” Birkhead says of the resemblance.Outside on the seaside patio Larry showered Dannielynn with kisses from head to toe.During a daylong photo shoot, Dannielynn never cried, although when she covered her eyes looking for a break, Larry gently rocked her back and forth.When Larry took her to the patio, it became clear that one person was painfully missing.“For it to be a family picture of sorts but not with Anna in, it’s kind of different,” Larry said.But her presence was very much there, not just in the spirit of Dannielynn but in the tattoo tribute on Larry’s back.“If she is up there looking down, do you think she is finally happy and at peace with this?” Tony asked Larry.

“I think she’ll be happy about it,” he replied.