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Holy returns, Batman! 'Birdman' star Michael Keaton 'up for anything,' would reprise role

Michael Keaton is having a super time this awards season. He's got a Golden Globe nomination for his lead role in "Birdman," which is about a faded movie star trying to win back credibility by mounting a Broadway play. 

Keaton may not have a play on his agenda, but he admits that he and his "Birdman" character, Riggan, have more than one thing in common — starting with the fact that both are closely identified with having played superheroes.

Riggan played the titular Birdman, while Keaton broke big in 1989's "Batman." He donned the suit for two Dark Knight films, and Keaton told TODAY Wednesday he'd be happy to slip back into the suit any time.

"I'm kind of up for anything," he said after anchor Savannah Guthrie asked if he'd reprise the role, then gave a nod to a "Birdman" scene: "I'd run through Times Square in my underwear."

Michael Keaton in 1992's "Batman Returns."©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett C / Today

But back to the caped crusader. 

"When I did 'Batman,' really it was more a matter of ... we were figuring out a lot as we went along," he said. "The character was really ... Bruce Wayne. That was my way in. ... The rest of the stuff was really just trying to figure out how to manage to do any type of acting inside a giant black rubber suit."

Yet being super isn't the only thing Keaton has in common with Riggan. 

"I don't relate to his personality type but I'm an actor, he's an actor. And he's struggling with relevance, I guess, and I guess I think about that from time to time," he said. "But really you just go to work like you go to work on anything else."

"Birdman" is currently in theaters.

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