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Billy Bush's birth of a single

This five part series follows host Billy Bush as he meets and works with a music dream team in the hope of becoming a singing sensation.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Paris Hilton sang “Betty Davis Eyes” at Sundance 2006 and Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush was a witness.”She was way off the mark,” Billy noted at the time, but upon hearing the celebutante again, he was given an idea.The next time her single ‘Stars Are Blind’ was playing on the radio she sounded pretty good.

“What happened?” Billy wondered aloud. “Did she take vocal lessons or was the song doctored in a studio?”With the Grammys under a week away, Billy began his own reach for the singing stars, starting the “If Paris Can Do It: The Birth Of A Single” campaign. This five part series follows Access Hollywood host Billy Bush as he meets and works with a music dream team in the hope of becoming a singing sensation.”I’m ready to become a massive recording artist,” Billy exclaimed during his first visit to the studio where he is paired with 14-time Grammy nominee David Foster.

“Do you think you can actually make a hit record with me?” Billy asked the music producing guru. “Or at least make something listenable?””The first thing I want to do is I got to find out if you can sing,” David replied.After a little warm up, David told Access the truth. ”Well,” Foster said, “he is not a great singer.”And he went one step further in his criticism of Billy’s pipes. ”Let’s be honest here, he is not even a good singer,” David added.But Billy Bush was never one to give up.

“At that moment I realized if I’m to succeed I need to chuck my ego out the window and trust in David,” he thought out loud. “After all, this could be the start of something big.”Unfortunately for our Billy, David remained unconvinced.”Unless we literally caught lightening in the bottle, you are not going to get a hit record.”Billy however, optimistic as ever, saw the glass half-full.”Wait a minute!” he exclaimed. “There is a chance in that.”

”David,” he demanded. “Look at me. I want you to focus on that chance we can catch lightening in a bottle. It could happen. I will give this, and everybody in the room that works for me can attest, I will give this 100% ‘cause my name is going on it.”The host’s enthusiasm was so infectious, David had no choice but to give him another chance. ”It’s going to be a tough job but you know,” David stated, “I’m good.”

Tune in Tuesday for Part II in the series when Billy meets songwriter Kara Dioguardi