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Billy Bush picked up Matt and Savannah in his Rockin' Rickshaw and it was hilarious

If we saw Billy Bush riding a pedicab and offering "free rickshaw rides on the house," we're pretty sure we'd hop aboard.
/ Source: TODAY

Normally, taking a rickshaw wouldn't be at the top of our New York City bucket list. After all, there are certainly safer (and likely faster) ways of getting around.

But if we saw Billy Bush riding one and offering "free rickshaw rides on the house," we're pretty sure we'd hop aboard.


Amy from Indianapolis must've had the same thought when she came to the Big Apple on a mom-son trip ... but unbeknownst to her, jumping in Billy's Rockin' Rickshaw and meeting Billy himself would only be half of her once-in-a-lifetime New York moment.

She tells Billy she's a bit worried about his ability to peddle, and he assured her: "These are former hockey quads right here. I can peddle."


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Okay, Billy.

Of course, the most exciting part of Amy's rickshaw ride is yet to come. Billy pulls over by 30 Rockefeller Plaza and asks if anyone else wants a ride. Who else but Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer ask to join in the fun?

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"Oh my God," screams Amy as the anchors climb in on either side of her.


"Let's run some red lights!" Matt yells into a megaphone, which we can only imagine amplified Amy's overwhelming excitement a little further.

"Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie ... LOOK, EVERYBODY!" Amy says, laughing, as she realizes nobody on the sidewalks sees the celebs flying by.


"Whaddya say next week we do a horse and carriage?" Matt quips to finish the fun segment. (Luckily, Billy's Rockin' Rickshaw will be back very soon!)