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Bill wants new blood on 'True Blood'

Stephen Moyer as vampire Bill Compton on "True Blood."

Three episodes into the season, and the action on "True Blood" -- like one vampire in particular -- is on fire.

The government's rounding up fangers, supes are fighting mad and Bill Compton is earning his big bad rep.

Everyone loves Eric
Viking vamp Eric Northman -- with his family and hostage Willa in tow -- said farewell to Fangtasia and hello to his old waitress-flunky-blood-donor-and-more, Ginger. She put up the bunch at her home and turned over a swanky coffin-for-two to Eric -- though she was gutted to learn he wouldn't share it with her. (Hey, at least she got a rain check!)

The lucky lady sharing his coffin was Willa, who seemed even happier to hear she'd be sleeping with Eric than she was to hear he wouldn't be killing her -- well, he wouldn't be killing her just yet.

As it turned out, the gov's little girl has info on daddy's vampire-torturing plans, and she's only too happy to spill it all without even getting glamoured first.

Werewolves without warnings
Over at the wolf pack, it seems Alcide is pack master in name only. When the cops came looking for Emma, it was Rikki who took charge, threatening the girl to get her shift into wolf form ... or else.

Then, when those pesky kids from Vampire Unity Society tried to get a glimpse at pack life, Alcide ordered his crew to stand down, but no one listened. Heck, he had to fight off Rikki just to leave one of them alive.

At least the others didn't die in vain. While they were busy getting slaughtered, Sam turned the distraction to his advantage and rescued little Emma.

Jason's back …
Viewers who'd grown tired of the always-intense jerk Jason Stackhouse morphed into last season had something to celebrate Sunday night. After spending some quality time with his fairy grandpa, the old, sweet Jason finally returned.

Unfortunately, it was only a brief appearance.

Jason confessed the full extent of his recent bout of craziness to sister Sookie -- right down to the hate-filled hallucinations of their parents.

"You didn't wonder why I was acting all crazy and more racist than usual?" he asked her.

He just chalked it all up to what he assumed was another in a long line of concussions. But following a fresh walloping from Bill, Jason lost consciousness.

Bill wants blood
As for Bill, sure, vision-Lilith told him he's not a god, but the message hasn't really kicked in. Riding high on his uber-vamp transformation, Bill decided to give day-walking a try. The result? Flaming Bill.

Once Jessica put the fire out, Bill put his mind to his next big project: better-than-Tru-Blood. Now that the old blood substitute is off the shelves, he wants Tru Fairy Blood to take it's place.

To that end, he sent Jessica off to seduce the man behind the original brew, and then barged into Sookie's home -- no invite needed! -- to coax her into helping him out.

"You're not God, Bill. You're just an (expletive)," she informed him.

When Sookie declined, Bill delivered an emotional blow to her -- apparently, she's dead to him now -- and the aforementioned physical blow to her brother.

But that's not the end of his quest. When Bill found out that Andy Bellefleur now has a quartet of tween fairies, his eyes lit up.