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'Bill & Ted Face the Music' trailer is here! See just how excellent it is

It's been almost 30 years since we last saw the pair together on the big screen.
/ Source: TODAY

Bill and Ted are finally back!

A trailer for “Bill & Ted Face the Music,” the long-awaited third installment in the most excellent series, came out Tuesday, featuring Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves reprising their beloved roles as Bill and Ted, respectively.

In the clip, the most bodacious dudes are all grown up, but appear to have lost their way.

“Twenty-five years ago, you played a concert in front of the entire world," a mysterious woman tells them. "One month ago, you played in Barstow, California, for 40 people, most of whom were there for $2 taco night. Bill and Ted, what have you got to say for yourselves?”

“Be excellent to each other,” Bill replies.

"Bill & Ted Face the Music" trailer featuring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter
Bill and Ted are headed to the future.IGN/YouTube

“Party on, dudes,” Ted adds.

“You were supposed to unite the world and save reality as we know it,” the woman says.

We see a montage of images, including the duo rocking out (they are Wyld Stallyns, after all), embarking on an all-new trip through time and reuniting with Death. Heck, even the infamous phone booth returns.

"Bill & Ted Face the Music" trailer featuring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter
What could prompt Bill and Ted to don tuxedos? We'll have to wait and see.IGN/YouTube

“Bill, we’ve spent our whole life trying to write the song that will unite the world. Why can’t we just go to the future when we have written it?” Ted asks.

“And take it from ourselves!” Bill says.

“But isn’t that stealing?” Ted ponders.

“How is that stealing if we’re stealing it from ourselves, dude?” Bill replies.

The clip ends in a prison, with dozens of inmates chanting before what appears to be a future (not to mention heftier) Bill and Ted asking present-day Bill and Ted how they like their song.

What can moviegoers expect from this new flick that follows 1989’s "Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure" and 1991’s "Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey"?

"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter
Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves originated the roles of Bill and Ted in "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" in 1989.Alamy Stock

"They were told when they were teenagers that they were going to save reality, and they've been working on it the whole time," writer Chris Matheson (who co-authored the films with Ed Solomon) told Entertainment Weekly last December. "Now an emissary from the future comes and says, 'You've got to do it right now. We've got literally 80 minutes or all of reality will come to an end.'"

You can see if they do indeed keep reality in check when “Bill & Ted Face the Music” is released Aug. 21.