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Bill Hader's best celeb impersonations on 'Saturday Night Live'

Bill Hader as Charlie Sheen on "Saturday Night Live."

Bill Hader is pulling a Kristen Wiig.

The "Saturday Night Live" mainstay announced that after eight years, he's leaving the comedy sketch show and told The New York Times that Wiig's departure played a part in his own decision to leave.

Hader's exit, like Wiig's, will be a major blow to "SNL". Not only is he credited with portraying some of the show's most hysterical and off-beat characters, but he is arguably the most gifted celebrity impressionist to ever appear on "SNL." Over the years, he's depicted everyone from Franklin Roosevelt to Phil Spector with frighteningly accuracy.

Here's a look back at some of Hader's most impressive celebrity impersonations.

Vincent Price

Hader was spot-on with his portrayl of Golden Age horror-film star Vincent Price. He nailed Vinnie's distinctive creaky voice and stare during the holiday-themed skits, which poked fun at Price's horror-themed specials and movies. Hader depicted Price in six episodes, and each time he managed to capture Price's perfect blend of camp and creep.


Charlie Sheen was a common target for "SNL" jokes during his infamous 2011 breakdown, but Hader's impeccable portrayal of the actor is one of the most memorable Sheen-related skits. In this classic cold-open, Hader, as Sheen, interviews other celebrities known for getting bad press, and does a spot-on impression of the actor's intense mannerisms and gravelly voice.


Hader captured John Mayer's signature blase attitude -- and not-so-hot singing face -- when he partnered with Wiig in this 2007 skit to mock the awkward relationship of Mayer and Jessica Simpson. The sketch captures the odd couple in an "intimate moment" in which Hader, as Mayer, is trying his best to relate to his girlfriend.


Hader earned rave reviews for his spoof of Clint Eastwood's "Empty Chair" speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention. Hader, as Eastwood, and his chair go on the road to bring their "high-waisted hi-jinks" to audiences across America. Eastwood himself later revealed that he enjoyed Hader's impression of him, telling E! News, "It was good. Hader has me down pretty good."


Although he didn't necessarily look like "M*A*S*H" star Alan Alda, Hader's spot-on impersonation of Alda's voice more than makes up for it. Hader portrayed Alda on several episodes of "SNL" over the years, each time being more freakishly accurate than the last. In this 2011 sketch, Hader and other members of the cast appear as various celebrities whose "lost" auditions for the movie "Top Gun" surface on a 25th anniversary edition of the film. Hader's impersonation of Alda's voice and mannerisms in this skit is eerily accurate.


Hader impersonated Al Pacino on his very first episode of "SNL" back in 2005, and continued to imitate the "Scarface" star throughout his eight years on the show. In this sketch from last month, Hader poked fun at Pacino's tendency to portray murderers in his movies with this fake HBO commercial.

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