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'It's just not fair!' Bill Hader talks LeBron James' acting skills

LeBron James stars alongside Hader in "Trainwreck," and evidently, the NBA forward also has impressive skills off the court.
/ Source: TODAY

Funnyman Bill Hader plays the leading man in this summer's highly anticipated rom-com, "Trainwreck," but he's not the only guy who'll be getting attention on the big screen.

LeBron James stars alongside Hader in the film, and as the actor revealed on TODAY Wednesday, the NBA forward has impressive skills off the court.

"It's really not fair," Hader told Savannah Guthrie. "Like, what I went to class for at Second City in Los Angeles — to learn how to improvise — LeBron just naturally knew how to do it."

"Trainwreck," written by and starring Amy Schumer, is James' first feature film. But you'd never know it.

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"He was so good, and we were kind of all going, 'Whoa ... oh, we don't have to say anything to him.' He just knew what to do," Hader recalled. "I remember at one point, Amy yelled out, 'LeBron, just say the lyrics to "Gold Digger" by Kanye West. Just say the lyrics like a conversation.' And he went, 'Oh, OK.' And he just did it. No one could do that! I can't even say 'Happy Birthday' as a conversation."

The thought of which returned Hader to his original point: "It's just not fair, and it sucked, and it bums me out talking about it!"

Of course, he wasn't really so bitter about the basketballer's success. In fact, Hader even enjoyed the chance to show James how well he could play ball with a little one-on-one on the movie set.

"It was fun getting to play basketball with LeBron James," he said. "I scored on him once ... I think. I still to this day don't know if he let me do it or not, but I'm going to own it that I legitimately scored."

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Now that's fair!

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