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Bill and Eric buddy up in new 'True Blood' trailer

HBO / Today

It seems the upcoming season of HBO's vampire-packed drama, "True Blood," will prominently feature one very hard-to-imagine scenario.

Sure, after four seasons of the bayou-based action, fang gangs, werewolves and shifters are easy enough to be believed. But a cordial partnership between Bill Compton and Eric Northman? No way!

Still, that's just what the first trailer for the upcoming season reveals.

Truebies have more to look forward to than just that unexpected odd couple. The clip also features the first shots of Roman, played by former "Law & Order SVU" star Christopher Meloni, in action. And it saves the very best tease for last -- a quick look at the show's long-lost, big-bad villain, Russell Edgington.

"True Blood" returns to HBO on June 10.

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