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The biggest TV story of the week was ...

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Russell Armstrong of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" committed suicide.

If you didn't guess this one right away, you probably weren't paying much attention to entertainment news this week.

The suicide of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" husband Russell Armstrong and the discovery of his body Monday night was the biggest clicker of the week by a long shot. And no wonder: His death came as a shock to both fans of the show and those who don't watch. It also fueled arguments all week on our Facebook page over whether reality TV is to blame, whether he was selfish to commit the act, and if Bravo should edit or cancel the series. (The network's president confirmed Friday that Bravo is indeed re-editing season two, though still no word on whether the Sept. 5 premiere date will be delayed.)

Then readers moved on to less serious news:  the cancellation of two TLC series.  The network announced on Monday that it was not renewing the once popular "Kate Plus 8," and that the last episode would air Sept. 12. Star Kate Gosselin tweeted to fans that "there were many tears at the breakfast table" when her family got the news. But not everyone was sad. Papa Jon Gosselin told Radar Online that he was "relieved" his eight children would finally have "more privacy."

Then on Thursday, TLC sent me a statement saying it was also canceling Kat Von D's "LA Ink" after the current season. The tattoo artist fought back at the network via Twitter, saying, "I love how me deciding to not continue doing LA Ink, turns into being 'cancelled.' " She then accused the network of "capitalizing" on her split with ex-fiance Jesse James, who announced a few short hours later that the two had gotten re-engaged. Wonder if TLC is sorry to miss out on that story for what could've been a fifth season ...

Also popular this week was the always adorable Anne Hathaway. The actress appeared on "Conan" Tuesday night to talk about her film work. But rather than just stick to gabbing her new movie "One Day" and upcoming role as Catwoman in the new "Batman," the actress showed off her mad rap skillz by performing a little tune -- Lil' Wayne style -- that she wrote herself.

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