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'Biggest Loser's' Santa wants to turn his loss into win for kids

Last week on "The Biggest Loser," the red team continued their streak of questionable castoffs by giving Roy Pickler, otherwise known as Santa to the good kids on the "Loser" ranch, the boot. But it seems the newly fit and trim Santa isn't worried about losing the game, as long as he can help kids win where it really counts.

Now down 77 pounds from his starting weight of 261, the 63-year-old wants to get little ones to follow in his footsteps and battle obesity.

"(Childhood obesity) is an epidemic in our country," Roy explained during a Tuesday morning visit to TODAY. "And because I relate very well to kids -- for some reason, I don't know why -- I really have tried to appeal to young people. I've led kids in high-adventure programs, and ones that the parents will be interested in, too. So I try to get them all together and away (for a) really extreme, high-adventure, so they can earn bragging rights for life."

Roy's earned a few bragging rights of his own lately, too. He just ran his first 5K in 27 years and won it. To top that off, he's even hit the slopes on a snow board for the first time ever. And while his "behind is still sore," he plans to do it again in the future.

For now, Roy has a message he'd like everyone to hear, but maybe members of the red team (or at very least Conda) should really take note of it: "I am watching, and if you're not good, I'll know it and I'll see it. So you better be good. Ho! Ho! Ho!"

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