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‘Biggest Losers’ find love

Matt and Suzy hit red carpet for NBC’s Radio Music Awards

They went in big and lonely, but they came out buff and in love!

Biggest Loser winner Matt Hoover and second runner-up, Suzy Preston, are taking their relationship public Monday.

“I was having a little crush on him, but that’s because you were flirting with me,” Suzy laughed.

“Nah,” Matt teased.

“It’s true!” Suzy said.

Losing a combined total of more than 250 pounds, Matt and Suzy may have lost the weight but now enjoy a newfound love.

Walking the red carpet hand in hand Monday at NBC’s Radio Music Awards, these lovebirds had to find the perfect outfit for their new bodies.

“It’s gonna be kind of a hip crowd, so, you want to look, look the part,” Matt explained.

“I’m looking for stuff that shows off my figure now,” Suzy said. “Instead of hides it. A little tighter... I’m between like an 8, and a 6 in jeans. I was a (size) 24.”

But dropping 10 sizes and 95 pounds does have its “hidden” drawbacks.

“I mean, I’d have to wear my sucker-iner, but we do, we all do,” Suzie said. “When you lose weight you have to wear a sucker-iner. Because you got skin, okay. Okay?”

But this romance wasn’t love at first sight. At the “Biggest Loser” ranch, Suzy thought Matt was mean, while he thought Suzy was whiny. But it all changed when the 28-year-old hairdresser whipped out her scissors and gave the big guy a new ‘do.

“When I got there, I was like chubby guy, chubby guy, where’s the single chubby guy?” Suzy laughed. “None! Well, I mean you were there, but he was mean!”

“When I first met her, I didn’t care too much for her,” Matt said. “I thought she was a squeaky, whiny little girl, complained about this and that.”

So, it wasn’t love at first sight, but we did get the skinny on how this romance started.

“I think when, like, when we started hanging out a bit on the show was when she cut my hair,” Matt said.

“When I cut his hair, um yeah, that’s when you started crushing on me,” Suzy agreed. “Admit it. I still didn’t like you. I thought you were OK-lookin’. But then we were separated for 5 months.”

And forbidden to communicate while they prepped for their final weigh-in a month ago, where they were once again reunited.

But back to the reason Access was with the happy couple. Vegas!Dressed to the nines, where did Matt and Suzy head first in Vegas?

N9ne Steakhouse at the Palms Hotel, where they came face to face with the ultimate temptation: a romantic five-course meal.

“So, are we gonna cheat a little bit tonight, or are we gonna go strictly by the books or what?” asked Barry Dakake, the executive chef at N9ne.

“I’m cheating,” Matt said. “I’m not gonna come to a place like this and not gonna have what’s good.”

Mozzarella, salmon and steak, oh my!

And the killer for any diet? A big, flashy platter of sinfully decadent desserts.

“You see it, it looks delicious, but you know what it’ll do for you, so you have a little bit, take a couple bites, and then you walk away,” Matt explained.

“I like this,” said Suzy, as she took a bite of a chocolate dessert. “Dipped in this!”

“It tastes great, but we’ve had enough, and it’s time for us to go,” Matt said.