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'Biggest Loser' couple divorcing with baby on the way

Frazer Harrison / Today
Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson.

Sure, "The Biggest Loser" is first and foremost a weight-loss show. But over the years, it's put love-match competitions, like "The Bachelor," to shame when it comes to the number of romances, engagements and weddings it's spawned.

Season two's Matt Hoover and Suzy Preston married in 2006. Season three's Marty Wolff and Amy Hildreth married in 2008. And just last year, season nine's Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson tied the knot too.

But now, after all of those weddings, and with a couple of others on the way, there's about to be a "Biggest Loser" first -- a divorce. Poueu and Anderson are calling it quits.

"It is with great sadness that my marriage to Sam Poueu is ending," Anderson, who's seven months pregnant with their first child, told Us Weekly.

It's a sad end for the couple who made it through a major setback months before they even swapped vows.

In September of 2011, Poueu survived a four-story fall from the deck of an apartment building. Anderson remained by his side as he underwent intense therapy to recover from his injuries, including head trauma. At the time, Poueu told Us Weekly that their wedding kept him going.

"That's why I've been working so hard in physical therapy -- to be able to dance at the wedding," he said.