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'Biggest Loser' contestant talks 'friction' with Jillian Michaels

When Jillian Michaels returned to "The Biggest Loser" after her recent two-season break, she was a changed woman. The tough-talking trainer became a mother of two during her absence. But if the contestants on the ranch thought that motherhood meant that she'd mellowed out, they soon learned how wrong they were.


In fact, the trainer returned tougher than ever before, as ousted contestant Pam Geil discovered during her time on Jillian's team.

"Jillian, you know, she's got a real tough-love approach, and it doesn't necessarily work on anyone -- everyone, I should say," Pam reflected during a Monday morning visit to TODAY. "She's a great trainer; she knows what she's doing. It's just … we just had a little friction."

 Despite that friction, Pam found reason to celebrate while still on the ranch. The week before she was sent packing, she was particularly happy with a 9-pound loss, so she did an enthusiastic dance on the scale that viewers aren't likely to forget any time soon.

"That was following our chaotic last-chance workout (where Jillian and I) screamed at each other," she explained. "I was so nervous I was going home and that (fight) would be my legacy."

So a celebratory dance just seemed like the thing to do. Since going home, Pam has had even more reasons to dance. She's dropped a total of 30 pounds on her own -- in addition to the 30 she lost on the show.

See how Pam's former teammate Danni -- the last remaining member of her team -- fares with Jillian when "The Biggest Loser" airs Monday night at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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