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'Biggest Loser' contestant in critical condition

NBC / Today
Sam Poueu

Former “Biggest Loser” player, mentor and fan favorite Sam Poueu is now facing a health obstacle much bigger than the extra weight he worked so hard to put behind him on the show’s ninth season.

According to TMZ, Poueu is currently hospitalized in critical condition following a several-story fall over the weekend. The website reports that among his long list of injuries, the 26-year-old suffered a broken leg, a punctured lung and torn ligaments.

Little is known about the accident, but Poueu's “Biggest Loser” partner, his cousin Koli Palu, revealed that Poueu also suffered head trauma. Palu delivered an update to concerned fans shortly after the incident occurred.

“Sam Poueu has made serious improvement in the last few hours,” Palu said in a statement quoted on fellow contestant Courtney Crozier’s Facebook page. “He has become very responsive to Stephanie Anderson and his Mother, squeezing their hands and kicking his feet. The head trauma has pretty much stabilized. He still has a long way to go but thank you so much for your love and prayers. ~ KEEP PRAYING EVERYONE!!!! :)”

As most “Biggest Loser” viewers likely know, Stephanie Anderson was yet another contestant from the ninth season of the show. Poueu asked Anderson to marry him on a special episode of the show.

TMZ contacted “Loser’s” main medical man, Dr. Rob Huizenga, who didn’t talk specifics, but did reveal that Poueu is “doing better every day.”

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