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'Biggest Loser' blowup: One player turns on his trainer

“The Biggest Loser” contestants packed their bags and left the ranch behind Tuesday night as they embarked on a field trip to the other side of the world. Just in time, too. If ever a group of “Losers” needed a chance to put the recent gaining and unnecessary drama in the past, it was this one.

Too bad they didn’t really do any of that sort during their trip to New Zealand.

The drama kicked off after a fun-filled and fear-challenging bungee jump saw the usually mild-mannered Ken take a flying leap off a building. That seemed to inspire a new, bolder Ken to launch into another unexpected activity — attacking his trainer.

Say what you will about Cara’s boxing-heavy approach to training, but her method has paid off for Ken. After all, he’s the guy who accidently lost 7 pounds under Cara’s direction when he actually meant to throw the weigh-in a couple of weeks back. But for some reason, Ken suddenly forgot that and lashed out.

“You’re not going to like this at all. I feel like those two individuals have a level of expertise that no else has,” Ken said while gesturing toward veteran “Biggest Loser” trainers Bob and Jillian, “because they’ve been doing this game as long as they have.”

Then Ken complained that Cara didn’t give him the guidance he needed, didn’t have the experience to take him all the way.

“You want to jump ship? Go right ahead,” Cara shot back with tears in her eyes. “You think you can lose more weight over there next week? We’ll see what happens. OK? I’ve done nothing but f------ work for you … since day one.”

That’s when Ken admitted what he wanted was “someone to get in (his) face.” It sounds like he really wanted Cara to channel her inner Jillian. Still, Cara agreed that shouting at him wouldn’t be a problem, so the pair made peace. For now.

With the requisite drama out of the way, it was time to get to the other thing these “Losers” do so well — gaining. Not Ken, of course, since he actually always loses with Cara.

No, this week’s gainers were Jay, who packed on 2 travel-related pounds, and Kaylee, who gained 4 I-want-to-go-home-related pounds. Well, that last part is just a guess.

Still it was the player who saw no movement at all on the scales that went home.

Moses had a bad week in New Zealand, as far as getting eliminated goes, but he had a good week, too. As a child, Moses’ father was sent from Tonga to Auckland to get an education. That move shaped the future of their family.

To honor that, Moses returned to Auckland after leaving the game, this time with his father by his side.

Ree Hines is now rooting for Moses to win the at-home prize. Follow on Twitter and tell her your picks.