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'The Biggest Loser' alliance loses a member

Tuesday night saw plenty of ups and one big down for the three-man alliance calling the shots on “The Biggest Loser” this season.

Immediately after sending Lisa packing last week, Brendan, Frado and Patrick went to their secret clubhouse (aka Frado and Brendan’s bedroom) for a round of post-boot boasting. The guys were practically giddy over their successes so far and just couldn’t believe how perfect their game-domination plan turned out.

“Everyone in the house thinks they’re connected to us — it’s laughable,” Brendan gloated. “Every move we made was the (bleep-ing) right chess move.”

After giving each other a thorough verbal back-patting session, the three went on to take charge of the first challenge of the night. All six remaining competitors began 5-leg pop challenge, but the alliance made short work of Elizabeth, Mark and Ada. Once it was all down to the main men, Brendan beat his buddies in a rope jumping workout worth $10,000.

It was as if nothing could go wrong for Brendan and his “in-it-to-win-it” team.

Until it finally did.

The first hint at a less than perfect finish for the men hoping to make up three-fourths of the final four came when they missed out on a one-pound advantage during the annual “Put the Weight Back On” challenge — that reward went to Ada. The second sign came on the scales, but it wasn’t so much of a hint as it was an immediate elimination.

With both a yellow line and the dreaded red line in play, Branden’s five-pound lost put him in last place and out the door without so much as a vote. He did get a couple of bro-friendly chest-thumps, though. 

Somehow Patrick and Frado will have to go on without their pal. They’ll also go on without Mark — by choice. Viewed as a big threat, and rightly so, Mark lost the yellow-line vote against everyone’s hope for an easy win, Elizabeth.

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