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Big Brother Star Admits to Pill-Pushing Scheme

Matthew McDonald better get used to having roommates again.
/ Source: E!online

Matthew McDonald better get used to having roommates again.

The Big Brother 9 star may be sharing living quarters with some pretty colorful characters after pleading guilty Monday to conspiracy to distribute oxycodone for his role in a drug ring that also counted his season's winner, Adam Jasinski, as a member.

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McDonald had pleaded not guilty in April to distributing the pills and conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, but maybe he figured the jig was up after Jasinski copped to the scheme in October.

Both are facing a maximum 20 years in prison. Jasinski, who entered treatment for substance abuse in 2009 while technically under house arrest, is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday in Massachusetts federal court.

McDonald will remain behind bars until his day of reckoning comes in April. Also still pending are charges for allegedly beating up his pregnant girlfriend last April. He was busted on suspicion of assault a week before the drug case hit the fan.

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