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'Big Bang Theory' stars tease 'bittersweet' episode, romance

Our beloved "Big Bang Theory" characters are growing up so fast! OK, maybe that's a stretch, but in Thursday night's "Closet Reconfiguration," the gang not only have a "grown-up cocktail party," but we see a new level of emotional maturity, especially in Howard and Bernadette's marriage.

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As Simon Helberg explained to The Clicker at Wednesday night's PaleyFest, "A letter surfaces from Howard's father who abandoned him and his mother when he was a kid and sent the letter to Howard on his 18th birthday. And Howard never opened it. Unfortunately, Sheldon does -- innocently -- and with that comes kind of a disaster ... everything kind of spirals out of control..."

"But the entire gang -- they're the best friends anybody can have," he added. "They do everything they can to make Howard feel better about this. There are a lot of emotions -- I think it should be pretty bittersweet."

Melissa Rauch told The Clicker that the episode is one of her favorites and touched her deeply.

"I think it's so beautifully written," she said. "When I got the script, the night before, I cried on my couch reading it. I just think it's so beautiful -- the writers have done such a good job making their relationship progress at a normal speed and now they've just such a wonderful job with the marriage of these characters.

"You see them navigating the sticky stuff, but when it comes down to it they love each other so much and the fact that Howard's going through this…Bernadette feels like she's going through it with him. I think that's a marriage."

Aw! Don't expect the same level of commitment between Amy and Sheldon any time soon, the actors warn.

"Their relationship's very delicate and our writers are very careful about it," Mayim Bialik told The Clicker. "So it's not going to progress super rapidly either way."

Emmy winner Jim Parsons agrees. "I don't think (Sheldon) will want to move faster," he said. "I think he is intrigued by Amy on that level you would hope to feel. I do think he finds something mysterious about her. He must, or why would he be with her at this level? She doesn't bug him any less than other people do. She gets him and there's something about her that he doesn't want to be apart from."

Meanwhile, Raj is finally getting lucky in love!

"You gotta be excited about Raj and Lucy," enthused producer Chuck Lorre. "They have so many obstacles to overcome to have a meaningful relationship. You have to root for them."

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