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'Big Bang Theory' star's sister loses 'The Voice' battle

Briana Cuoco and Shelbie Z. square off in "The Voice's" battle rounds.

Briana Cuoco, the younger sister of "The Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco, sang her last song on "The Voice" Monday night. 

She suffered a decisive defeat at the hands of Shelbie Z., a matchup selected by coach Blake Shelton for the season's opening knockout rounds. 

With her somber rendition of "Don't Speak," Briana was outshone by her country competitor. And she didn't help herself much either with some uneven vocals that prompted criticism from the perennially gushing coaches.

"There were pitch problems — I know you felt that," Christina Aguilera said.

"I just think it was a very sour moment," CeeLo Green added, "and I wanted to be excited about the spirit and the enthusiasm to be had.

But the harshest judgment came from the coach who stole her away in the first place. 

"It's one thing to look down the road and make your decision based on what you think can happen with somebody," Blake said. "It's another thing when somebody flat-out outsings the other, and that's what I feel like has happened here." 


"I am so sad to be leaving 'The Voice,' but it's been a really great opportunity," Cuoco said. 

Presumably, she won't return to her previous job as Kaley's personal assistant. 

Indeed, the "Big Bang" actress expects bigger and better things for her talented sister, using the hashtags "futurestar" and "movinonup" in a tweet protesting her ouster.



Kaley herself hit the iTunes charts this week, performing with her cast mates in the heartwarming love song featured on last week's episode.

Maybe "Big Bang" can cast Briana as the nightclub singer who moves in and wakes everyone up with her late-night rehearsals?

Beyond that, the story of the night was the battle between Blake and CeeLo.

The rivalry heated up after the first knockout round performance, when Christina picked Josh Logan and both of her fellow coaches tried to steal losing artist Amber Nicole.

"Let's be honest: She doesn't need to be on your team," Blake told CeeLo. "There are so many artists just like her on your team. " He then turned to Amber. "There is nobody even near what you do on my team."

"You're right. There is no talent on your team." CeeLo said, as Adam Levine and Christina stood up and danced in approval. "You could use a little help. I understand this act of desperation on your part. I don't wanna have to go through this with you. Just give me the girl."

CeeLo got his wish, and Amber chose him. But the real winners were the other coaches, who revel in Blake's losses.

"I love watching when CeeLo and Blake fight," Adam said. "Warms my heart."

Everyone laughed, but Blake didn't sound like he'd forgive and forget. "When I'm holding the season five trophy in my hand, I'll be sure to tell CeeLo what it feels like to win with absolutely no talent," Blake said.