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'Big Bang Theory' stars react to series' end with sadness, thanks and so many pics

"The Big Bang Theory" ended its 12-season run, and now the stars that made up that part of the TV universe have something to say about it.
Big Bang Theory
/ Source: TODAY

It's over! After 11 and a half years, 12 seasons and 279 episodes, fans said so long to a beloved sitcom Thursday night.

And they're only ones who'll miss "The Big Bang Theory."

The stars that brought the show to life are mourning the end of a television era, too, and many of them shared their grief and thanks on social media.

One of the most poignant posts came from Kunal Nayyar (Raj), who took to Instagram with a brief clip that panned across the "BBT" set after the familiar props were all packed away. As he moved the camera, he softly sang his take on the final lyrics to the show's theme, "...and it all started with a big bang."

That sad post even prompted a response from frequent guest star Wil Wheaton, who wrote, "I was not ready for this," alongside a crying emoji.

Kaley Cuoco (Penny) shared a pic from the show's final scene on her own page, with the caption, "This moment will remain with me forever!"

And that was just one of many finale posts from the actress, who also shared touching behind-the-scenes clips, including this one from the core cast members' final huddle and group hug.

It was similar to a moment Jim Parsons (Sheldon) posted, alongside which he wrote, "All of us will miss seeing you in this format, but we will be around in all sorts of ways, I assure you... love love love."

Johnny Galecki (Leonard) went with a variety of behind-the-scenes videos, offering a peek in to the making of the last scene, as well as clips honoring the crew and their "incomparable" show creator, Chuck Lorre.

As for Mayim Bialik (Amy), before the finale aired, she posted a collection of pics with the caption, "Oy. The emotions."

And after it was all over, she also posted a long shot of the cast and crew, with thanks to them and to the fans of the series "for watching."

Even Sarah Michelle Gellar, whose one and only appearance in the series was on the finale, shared pics and a sweet sentiment.

"It may not have been a date for me and Raj," she wrote next to a still of her scene with Nayyar, "but it was certainly an important date for @bigbangtheory_cbs and I was so excited and honored to be a part of it!!!"

And now, even the goodbyes are over.