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Bieber lookalike charms 'Got Talent' judges

“America’s Got Talent” went to Houston for Wednesday night’s auditions, but the show could have saved big travel expenses and simply found some of the same acts online. 

For instance, 22-year-old viral video star Dani Shay, who’s best known to her YouTube fans for looking a whole lot like teen idol Justin Bieber, took her impeccably swoopy hair to the “Got Talent” stage in Houston.

Shay performed her catchy parody of Bieber’s “Baby,” called “What the Hell Are You Talking About?" It's a song that focuses on just how much she looks like the heartthrob — or the other way around.

“He looks like me!” she told the judges.

Each member of the panel seemed charmed by Shay, and as Piers Morgan pointed out, her appeal went beyond the Bieber bit.

“I think you are very talented young lady, and I love the humor you brought to this, but I think you are talented in your own right,” Morgan told her.

With that, Shay made it on to the next round.

Also joining the on-stage action in Huston was web legend Jay Maynard, aka Tron Guy.

In cyberspace, Maynard made his mark by wearing a “Tron” costume that left little to the imagination. On the show? Well, it was much the same. The only other "talent" Maynard offered up was talking about being Tron Guy.

No surprise -- the judges weren’t interested.

“This is not the end of Tron Guy,” Maynard insisted as he left. “I've got my fans. I’ve got my people. I get emails all the time. I’m gonna keep going.”

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