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Beyoncé's 3 kids make rare cameos with mom in new Ivy Park ad

The superstar's fashion line recently announced that it's expanding into childrenswear.
/ Source: TODAY

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's three children made rare cameos in a new video for their mom's fashion line, Ivy Park.

"The rodeo isn't just for the grown-ups," read an Instagram post introducing Ivy Park Kids, an upcoming expansion into childrenswear.

The cowboy-themed ad features plenty of adorable kids, but fans were quick to point out that among the bunch were the superstar's own: 9-year-old Blue Ivy as well as 4-year-old twins Rumi and Sir.

In one part, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy hold hands and march in matching pale pink hoodies with cow-print pants. On social media, plenty of people pointed out how much the 9-year-old, who is rarely featured in the media, has grown — she's almost as tall as her mom!

Blue Ivy, Ivy Park, Beyoncé, Ivy Park Rodeo
Blue Ivy and Beyoncé show off looks from the upcoming "Ivy Park Rodeo" collections. Adidas Originals

Rumi and Sir got their time in the spotlight, too. In one shot, the twins appear with their mom in a ring with fireworks above. In another, a curly-haired Beyonce holds Sir, who wears a blue jacket and matching cowboy hat.

adidas Originals / YouTube

Last week Beyoncé shared another video showing off the adult collection for "Ivy Park Rodeo," a collaboration with Adidas. The looks were "inspired by the inimitable style and undeniable influence of Black cowboys and cowgirls," according to a press release.

Both the kids and adults collections launch on on Aug. 19.

Ivy Park, Beyoncé, Rumi, Sir, Jay-Z
Beyoncé and Jay-Z's 4-year-old twins Rumi and Sir made cameos, too. Adidas Originals

The rare glimpses of her kids were a treat for fans, given the superstar's tendency toward privacy. In a recent interview, she opened up about why she often shies away from promotional appearances, media interviews and sharing her personal life on social media.

“We live in a world with few boundaries and a lot of access,” Beyoncé told Harper's Bazaar. “There are so many internet therapists, comment critics and experts with no expertise. Our reality can be warped because it’s based on a personalized algorithm. It shows us whatever truths we are searching for, and that’s dangerous. We can create our own false reality when we’re not fed a balance of what’s truly going on in the world. It’s easy to forget that there’s still so much to discover outside of our phones. I’m grateful I have the ability to choose what I want to share.”

She added that she wants the focus to be on her creative talents — not her personal life.

"My music, my films, my art, my message — that should be enough,” she said.