Beyonce would like to play Wonder Woman

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/ Source: Access Hollywood

Beyonce wants to be a superhero.

The pop star, whose new album, “I Am… Sasha Fierce,” is due Nov. 18, has told the Los Angeles Times that she wants to play Wonder Woman on the big screen.

“I want to do a superhero movie and what would be better than Wonder Woman?” she asked the newspaper. “It would be great. And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It’s time for that, right?”

And she’s not just talking about it — the “Cadillac Records” and “Dreamgirls” star has reportedly met with representatives of DC Comics and Warner Bros. regarding the iconic comic book character, an Amazon warrior who wields a golden lasso that makes tied-up villains tell the truth.

“I love Wonder Woman and it’d be a dream come true to be that character,” she said. “It sure would be handy to have that lasso. To make everybody tell the truth? I need that. It would come in very handy.”

According to Beyonce, her recent dramatic roles have made her interested in donning Wonder Woman’s red-white-and-blue bathing suit.

“After doing these roles that were so emotional I was thinking to myself, ‘OK, I need to be a superhero,’” she said. “Although, when you think about the psychology of the heroes in the films these days, they are still a lot of work, of course, and emotional. But there’s also an action element that I would enjoy.”

While Wonder Woman has never reached the big screen, Beyonce said the Lynda Carter-starring ’70s TV series inspired her.

“I would definitely have to keep it right for that costume,” she said of Carter's legendary outfit.

Getting Wonder Woman to the movies would be another breakthrough for Beyonce — while “The Dark Knight” broke box office records this year with another DC hero, Batman, the superhero genre has been dominated by men, with “Catwoman” and “Elektra” both box office disappointments despite star power from Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner, respectively.