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‘Cozy opulence’: How stars paid tribute to Beyoncé's ‘Renaissance’ film premiere's dress code

Unpacking the event theme that left some fans puzzled.
/ Source: TODAY

Details were sparse ahead of the highly anticipated "Renaissance" L.A. film premiere Nov. 25. The location, Samuel Goldwyn Theater, was shared hours before the screening started. To prepare for the star-studded event, attendees were merely given a time and a dress code: "cozy opulence."

The abstract concept sparked plenty of discussion online, as people tried to decipher its meaning.

"What is a cozy opulence? I need examples? Is it cozy with all my riches? Cozy with all my Chanel? Cozy with all my Target?" one person wrote on X.

"I think the concept is that they are supposed to look opulent but the garments are comfortable to wear since they’ll be in a cinema? Cozy Opulence? Idk that’s all I can think of," another wrote.

On Nov. 25, celebrities gave the theme their best effort at the premiere of "Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé."

Looks ranged from former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland's exaggerated metallic dress to Kris Jenner's casual black suit adorned with silver stripes.

Kelly Rowland arrives to the "Renaissance" film premiere.Amy Sussman / WireImage for Parkwood

So what is "cozy opulence," and how can fans re-create the theme for their own viewing of the "Renaissance" film?

Let's break it down.


"Cozy" is defined as "giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation." Some fans took the meaning literally,

But it's also the name of one of Beyoncé's hit songs from the "Renaissance" album, where the term takes on a different meaning.

In "Cozy," Beyoncé sings about a strong woman.

"She’s a god, she’s a hero / She survived all she been through / Confident, damn, she lethal," she sings, before issuing the key theme of the song: Don't mess with her, because she's "comfortable."

"Comfortable in my skin / Cozy with who I am / Comfortable in my skin (cozy, cozy)," the chorus goes.

With this context, the first part of Saturday's theme takes on a double meaning. It could be interpreted as something comfortable, or something that makes attendees feel like their most confident, "cozy" selves.

For example, "The Little Mermaid" star Halle Bailey wore a soft textured black dress with sparkly boots. Silver necklaces and earrings framed her bright smile.

World Premiere Of "Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé"
Looking cozy.Amy Sussman / WireImage for Parkwood


The second part of Saturday's theme, "opulence," is defined as "great wealth or luxuriousness."

Beyoncé's "Renaissance" era is often associated with a bright silver, conjuring up diamonds and the out-of-this-world space imagery she used in songs like "Alien Superstar."

Beyoncé performs onstage during the “Renaissance World Tour” at June 27, 2023, in Warsaw, Poland. Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Most of the elaborate outfits Nov. 25 were in shades of black, white and silver, the core colors associated with Beyoncé's "Renaissance" album and often seen across the crowd of fans at her concerts.

But some brought pops of color, like comedian Kalen Allen, who wore a long bright pink coat textured with crushed velvet and an abstract pink hat to match.

World Premiere Of "Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé"
Kalen Allen in pink opulence.Amy Sussman / WireImage for Parkwood

Fan reactions

Some fans said the confusing theme led to subpar looks.

"I think the dress code being “cozy opulence” threw everyone off tonight :/," one person said on X.

"nobody is eating cus nobody knew wtf cozy opulence meant. this is what happens when you’re mysterious," another wrote.

Some thought that attendees either looked cozy or opulent, instead of the crucial combination of "cozy opulence."

"The theme was cozy opulence and folks were confused. Some were cozy but not opulent and others the opulence wasn’t opulent. If I was invited I would have invoked Diana Ross as Mahogany," one fan wrote, referring to the legendary singer's 1975 film.

But other people adored the chrome carpet looks. One fan in particular praised one of Beyoncé's dancers, Amari Marshall, for her outfit, writing she "understood the theme."

"it’s giving cozy. and it’s certainly giving opulence," they wrote.

Others praised Victoria Monet for appearing to have done "her homework." The singer wore a formfitting red dress with a long train and draping fabric that covered her head.

"She put the opulence in cozy opulence," one fan said, while pointing out the outfits apparent references to some of Beyoncé's notable red looks and iconography from the Italian Renaissance of a Madonna and child.

Another fan shared their take on theme, writing, "I interpreted 'Cozy Opulence' in a very Houston, Texas auntie celebrating new years kind of way."

Issa Rae's textured black dress that glinted as it caught the chrome carpet lighting perfectly embodied this energy, they said on X.

Stars brought their own interpretations to the London premiere Nov. 30, including Taylor Swift. The wore strapless silver gown designed by Balmain.

What did Beyoncé wear to the 'Renaissance' premiere?

Fans agreed: Beyoncé nailed the theme with her look.

Queen Bey, sporting platinum blond hair, arrived to the premiere shortly before the lights dimmed for the start of the screening. She wore a body-hugging silver strapless gown, long silver gloves and matching silver open-toed heels.

Beyonce at Renaissance premier
Bow down.Mason Poole

The movie may not have had any of Beyoncé's long-awaited "Renaissance" visuals — but the visuals kept coming on the red carpet.