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Beyonce pulled off stage by fan during Brazil concert

Beyoncé had another close call with a fan during a live performance, but this time a concertgoer, not an appliance, grabbed hold of the singer.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday, Beyoncé was performing "Irreplaceable" when she crouched down to get close to people in the front row. A shirtless man is then seen on video reaching up, throwing both arms around Beyoncé and pulling her into the crowd. Security personnel quickly pounced and Bey was back on her feet and singing in just seconds.

After the song ended, Beyoncé made a point of making sure the overzealous fan wasn't himself manhandled too badly by security or other fans. She reached out to shake the man's hand and asked him what his name was as fans shouted, "I love you!"

The Brazilian website Terra posted a GIF of the dramatic ordeal from a closer angle. Beyoncé clearly has a surprised look on her face as she is yanked off the stage.

It's not the first scary moment for Beyoncé on the Mrs. Carter Show world tour. In Montreal in July, Beyoncé kept on singing after she got her long hair caught in a stage fan. And in Copenhagen in May, also while performing "Irreplaceable," a fan reached out and smacked the singer on her backside.