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Beyonce performs while Janet watches

Singer wears halter dress that gives revealing side views of her breasts at NBA All-Star game

Beyonce danced provocatively in a deep V-neck halter dress at halftime of the NBA All-Star game, two weeks after Janet Jackson's breast-baring Super Bowl performance.

While Beyonce sang her hit "Crazy in Love" in the halter dress that gave revealing side views of her breasts, the conservatively dressed Jackson sat courtside swaying to the music.

Jackson's Super Bowl performance created a ruckus that prompted TNT to use a seven-second delay during the All-Star game.

Beyonce descended from the ceiling on a platform above a glittering disco ball singing part of the old Donna Summer hit "Love to Love You Baby."

"I'm feeling sexy when I hear you say my name," Beyonce sang while dancing in front of six female backup dancers. She made her way to a platform in the middle of the court and gyrated suggestively in front of a wind machine. Beyonce's vigorous dancing nearly caused her thin, brightly colored halter top to expose her breasts.

Holding a small bouquet of red roses, Jackson sat quietly in her seat during the game. Aside from three burly security guards nearby, she kept a low profile in a furry, brown hat, sunglasses and a brown suede jacket with a white T-shirt underneath.

Accompanied by a drummer, Christina Aguilera performed a backbeat-filled national anthem reminiscent of Marvin Gaye's rendition before the 1983 All-Star game in Los Angeles.

Known for her album "Stripped" and penchant for skimpy clothing, Aguilera was downright conservative in jeans and an athletic jacket.