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Beverly Hills Housewife Lisa Vanderpump Dishes On Inflated Lips & Egos, Catfights and a Special Gigolo

Is there anything not to love about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump?
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Is there anything not to love about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump?

If so, we haven't found it.

She is beautiful and glamorous (even her chocolate wears Louboutins), hilarious without being unkind, and successfully juggles a zillion jobs and charity work. All this while being a devoted mother (of two lovely humans and some adorable pups) and wife of nearly 30 years.

How does the lovely Brit stay grounded amid her lavish lifestyle? And how is Giggy the Pomeranian handling his newfound fame? Read on...

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The Good Mother: While castmate Camille Grammer has four nannies for her two school-age children, and Taylor Armstrong uses her daughter's 4th birthday as an excuse to celebrate herself, that is not Lisa's style. "Mothering has been absolutely my priority in my life--that's why I kind of gave up [acting]. My children were to the point of...I guess obsession. If you see the way I am with Giggy, imagine what I was like with my children. That's probably why they've left home!"

Maybe There's a Reason Energizer Bunnies Are Pink: "I do relax," Lisa (aka Pinky, after her favorite color) insists when we asked the hard-working Housewife if she enjoys any downtime. "But I'm not somebody who wants to sit around by the pool. I've had my swimming pool for five years here and I don't think I've ever been in it. I think going out to dinner away from my own restaurants with my husband is relaxing. I go to the gym every day, where I kind of switch off and watch the news--I find I relax by doing exercise."

Natural Woman: Lisa, who readily admits to using Botox, also says she believes "in keeping it as natural as you can": "I don't like the look of too much of the fillers in the face, the frozen thing and the implants. I would say, if you're going to do something, do it--but if it looks like you've done it, it's not worth it." So would she say anything to someone who's gone overboard--like a certain castmate's zealous use of lip filler? "I would never comment on somebody else's beauty--I think it's very much in the eye of the beholder, and if somebody makes a choice to put something in their face, then that's up to them," says the lovely Lisa. "Absolutely I would never criticize anybody directly--it's hurtful."

Meow Mix: Does Lisa, ever the diplomat, become involved in any catfights of her own this season? "I have my points of view and certainly I was in the middle of it...When it all kicked off, I have to say it was very real, it really was. These things happened organically. I have no problem with all those girls, but I will say, 'I'm sorry you're complaining about that, but you've go to own it.' I was in the middle of it certainly." Bet she'll finish the season without a scratch.

Taming of the Beast? Camille, who seems to have stolen Kelly Bensimon's secret recipe for crazy, has become RHOBH's most reviled star. Will she become more sympathetic when hubby Kelsey Grammer leaves her for another woman? Lisa doesn't have the answer: "We don't know what we're going to see until a couple of days before you...I know she's been subjected to a lot of criticism. I do feel a lot of sympathy for her--she's going through this horrible situation [and it] must be incredibly difficult to go through that in this public arena, because she was blindsided." Lisa doesn't try to excuse or explain Camille's antics on the show, but she says, "Maybe some of her reactions might be different had she not been going through the situation."

Mr. Clooney, Your Table Is Ready: Lisa's restaurants are celebrity magnets, but are there any stars in particular she'd like to see dine at Villa Blanca? "If George Clooney walks in, I'm going with him," she says. "He is my man. I'm going to stay married until George Clooney comes to his senses."

Gettin' Giggy With It: Of course we had to ask about the real star of RHOBH, Lisa's adorable Pomeranian Giggy (short for Gigolo). "Giggy is out of control," she said about the celebrity canine. "He thinks he's the bee's knees--he is full of himself. He's just strutting his stuff. Yesterday, I grounded him from Twitter --I think he has like 4,000 followers--and I was flooded with people saying, "Free Giggy! Put him back on Twitter." He's a three- or four-pound dog--why does he have 4000 people following him?"

Giggy shares Lisa's generous spirit (she feeds the homeless weekly at her restaurant), despite experiencing his own health struggles. "One thing I'd like Giggy to do," she told us, "is to take Giggy to cancer hospitals for the children, because Giggy has lost his fur. I would really like him to go to children who lost their hair and say, 'But look at me. I'm OK'--because he doesn't have any fur, [except] on his head and his paws, that's been his struggle. Giggy will be doing something and he will be giving back. He's an amazing little dog."

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