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Betty White on her dating life at 94: Nobody asks me out

Betty White sat down with Al Roker to discuss what her dating life is like at 94.
/ Source: TODAY

Betty White would love to still be dating at 94 years old, but there's just been one problem for the comic legend.

"Nobody asks me!" she told Al Roker on TODAY while catching up on Thanksgiving. "Who's gonna want to ask out a 94-year-old woman? It just doesn't happen."

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"A 94-year-old guy?" Al replied.

"Oh, how old are you?" White deadpanned.

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A star of television and movies for 75 years, White has been married three times, losing her most recent husband, game show host Allen Ludden, to cancer in 1981.

White has played iconic roles like man-hungry Sue Ann Nives on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and naive Rose on "Golden Girls." If White had to choose, she said she is more like Sue Ann Nivens than Rose in real life.

"Well, she likes men,'' she said. "So does Betty. It's kind of a hobby of mine. The men don't know it."

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She believes there is one element necessary for a successful relationship, be it on a personal or professional level.

"Kindness,'' she said. "I think that you don't say the hurtful thing even if you're irritated or upset, because that sticks around, or that just chips off a little of the other guy's self-esteem."

White has also seen the role of women in the industry evolve dramatically from when her career first began in the late 1940s.

"Holy magilla,'' she said. "It was a privilege to be allowed to work at that time. It was a man's world."

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