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'Bethenny' gives 'Wheel of Fortune' player who lost $1 million chance a luxury trip

Paul Atkinson may have lost the chance to win $1 million dollars on "Wheel of Fortune" after mispronouncing the answer to a puzzle, but he's getting quite the consolation prize.

Talk-show host Bethenny Frankel invited the contestant and his wife onto her show to discuss his loss, and surprised the couple with a seven-day luxury trip to Antigua.

"I think it's great you have such a great attitude," Frankel told the Atkinsons, later adding, "I think your attitude is worth 10 million dollars."

Though Atkinson appeared shocked that his answer of "corno curo cabinet" was rejected when he attempted to solve the puzzle after landing on the $1 million wedge on Tuesday, he took the rest of the game in stride, and even joked about about his mispronunciation later. (Not that "Wheel of Fortune" actually denied him the huge prize. The wedge only gave him a shot at the million bucks. He would've had to make it to the bonus round without landing on "bankrupt," then spin that wheel and have it land on the $1 million again, and lastly solve the final puzzle.)

His wife Lindsay told Frankel that when he called her and told her what happened, she was't too upset either. "We weren't really expecting that much," she said. "I mean, really, we were like, 'Well, it would be cool if we could pay off the car' or something like that. So we weren't expecting, like, this huge thing to come out of it."

But Lindsay did admit that Paul was "so embarrassed."

See what else the Atkinsons had to say about Paul's "Wheel of Fortune" experience when their "Bethenny" interview airs Sept. 27.