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Bethenny's back! 7 times the 'Real Housewife' said exactly what you were thinking

When Bethenny Frankel visited TODAY to discuss her return to 'The Real Housewives of New York City' on Monday, she told Savannah G
/ Source: TODAY

When Bethenny Frankel visited TODAY to discuss her return to "The Real Housewives of New York City" on Monday, she told Savannah Guthrie she "missed the humor" of the show.

The reality series, which begins its seventh season Tuesday, has indeed had plenty of hilarious moments — and many of them involve Frankel's witty one-liners. Her no-nonsense comebacks often perfectly expressed the viewers' reactions to some of the other cast members' over-the-top antics (Frankel has said that Andy Cohen refers to her as the show's Greek chorus).

In honor of tonight's premiere, we've rounded up some of Frankel's funniest moments.

Punny or die

“Basically, she was a calamity,” Frankel said of Kelly Bensimon, who made it clear the two were not friends in season two. “And I mean, a Kell-amity.”

Fashion critic

"Ramona showed up to, I suppose, cheerlead and maybe surf," Frankel observed when the group hit the beach in the second season. "Jill showed up to look like 'Maude' ... like, she had a muumuu on in all these colors. She had probably $30,000 worth of jewelry on. She looked like a fruit salad."

Royal pain

When Countess Luann scolded the audience at a charity dinner for talking throughout a speech in season two, and then failed to keep quiet herself, Frankel commented: "That's very not countess-like. That is dis-countess."

Straight talk

When Jill Zarin asked for her honest opinion on her redecorated home, Frankel was blunt. "Jill's apartment is Liberace, Versace, la cucarachi," she said. "It's like Ivana Trump. It's got dangling things everywhere. If I were alone in Jill's apartment for a week, I'd think I'd dropped a hit of acid."

Money matters

Frankel was taken aback when Luann gave an etiquette lesson in season three, claiming that suggesting an activity to a friend means one is obligated to pick up the tab. "Let me just get this straight," she shot back. "So for the rest of our lives, if I suggest that we go hang gliding, or buying diamonds and we both decide to buy diamonds, I'm going to pay for yours too? I'm going to need a drink."

Mixed-up metaphor

When Bensimon angrily accused the other women of "making lemons into lemonade" in season three, Frankel was the first to snap back, "No, making lemons into lemonade means making good out of something bad."

Pillow talk

On the gang's unforgettable trip to St. John in season three, Frankel shut down an argument with Bensimon with three simple words: "Go to sleep!"