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'Netflix and chills': Get ready for Halloween with these spooky movies and shows

Get ready for a super-chilly October!
/ Source: TODAY

The only time of year Netflix wants you to say "boo" to its content is in October — because it's Netflix and Chills season for Halloween! The streaming channel with more content than you can ever see in a lifetime has added even more special programming to keep you chillin' all month, and beyond.

So here's a look at some of the best new movies and series coming out in October, and a tip o' the pointed witch's hat at some of the content you might have missed before, but will still send chills up and down your spine!

Tricked Out Movies for Halloween

"Escape the Undertaker"Netflix

"Escape the Undertaker"

This interactive film features WWE superstars and has the Undertaker setting a trap for tag team the New Day at his haunted house mansion. Viewers will help decide the fate of these three souls trying to survive the Undertaker's wrath. (Oct. 5)

"Fever Dream"Netflix

"Fever Dream"

Broken souls, an invisible threat and the power of desperation and family come to the fore in this adaptation of the novel by Samanta Schweblin. (Oct. 13)

"Night Teeth"Netflix

"Night Teeth"

A college student moonlighting as a chauffeur has two young women in the back seat who have bloodthirsty intentions. (Oct. 20)



A young woman seeking self-improvement hires a hypnotist, but after some intense sessions learns there are deadly consequences. (Oct. 27)

Also worth checking out:

"Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight"Netflix

In October

"Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight"

Oct. 6

"There's Someone Inside Your House"


Currently available:

  • "Prey"
  • "Nightbooks"
  • "Intrusion"
  • "No One Gets Out Alive"

Tricked Out Series to Scare You

"Locke & Key"Netflix

"Locke & Key" (season two)

The three Locke siblings and their mother now live in the ancestral home of Keyhouse, and discover its magical keys may be connected to their father's death (October)


"You" (season three)

Joe and Love have gone suburban with their new baby, but they're surrounded by tech entrepreneurs, mommy bloggers and biohackers. And it turns out Love may have as much of a taste for blood as Joe. (Oct. 15)

"Squid Game"Youngkyu Park / Netflix

Currently available:

  • "Into the Night" (season two)
  • "Lucifer" (final season)
  • "Squid Game"
  • "Midnight Mass"
  • "The Chestnut Man"

Treats for Kids and Family

"Scaredy Cats"Netflix

"Scaredy Cats"

Willa Ward's twelfth birthday gives her an incredible present: a charm necklace from her witch mother. But two bad witches are out to grab the locket for themselves, so she needs help from her BFFs Scout and Lily. They have to learn to use the necklace, figure out how to deal with being cats, and save the town. (Oct. 1)

"A Tale Dark & Grimm"Netflix

"A Tale Dark & Grimm"

Based on the series by Adam Gidwitz, this animated series follows Hansel and Gretel as they leave home to find better parents, wandering through classic Grimm tales as they meet witches, warlocks, dragons and the devil as they learn to take charge of their destiny. (Oct. 8)

"Sharkdog's Fintastic Halloween"Netflix

"Sharkdog's Fintastic Halloween"

Sharkpack is back, and ready for Halloween with the legend of the "Fearsome Fog," which finds Sharkdog saving Halloween from a slimy sea monster. (Oct. 15)

Happy Halloween!