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'Best Funeral Ever' turns death into a joyful occasion

For many, a funeral is a sad and solemn occasion. For others, while it's still sad, it's also a chance to throw a big party. And a new TLC series is spotlighting some of these extravagant, exuberant spectacles in a new series, "Best Funeral Ever."

Kerry Sanders reported on the phenomenon as spotlighted in the show on TODAY Friday, noting that these kind of bashes aren't called funerals, but "homegoings," and showed scenes from one particular celebration where mourners danced, ate ribs and wrangled pigs as a fountain flowed with barbecue sauce. (The decedent for that funeral, Willie "Wolf" McCoy, had been a singer on the famous Chili's jingle about baby back ribs.)

That's the point of the funerals, which are based on a person's life -- a football fan might have items and activities related to the sport, a person who loved Christmas may have actual reindeer to show up at the party. Sanders noted the funerals can cost as upwards of $40,000, and in theory, the sky is the limit.

"These are families who have lost loved ones. So there is never any disrespect with these type of homegoing celebrations," said John Beckwith Jr., CEO of the Golden Gate Funeral Home. 

"Best Funeral Ever" airs Sunday, Jan. 6 at 10 p.m. on TLC.

Check out the sneak peek clip from the show below!

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