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Best bets: Willis, Morgan star in ‘Cop Out’

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan star in Kevin Smith's latest film, a cop buddy comedy. Also this week: The rejects from "The Bachelor" gang up to yell at him; "The September Issue" hits DVD.
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MoviesHe's Bruce Willis. He's Tracy Morgan. They're cops. And buddies. And in "Cop Out," they're tracking down a stolen vintage baseball card, rescuing a beautiful woman and dealing with money laundering and gangsters. Some will see the movie for Willis, some for Morgan and others because it's directed by "Clerks" auteur Kevin Smith, Southwest Air's favorite passenger. If that's not enough reason to see it, it's just not your kind of flick. (Opens Feb. 26.)

"The Crazies" is a remake of the 1973 film of the same name directed by legendary zombiemaster George A. Romero. Seems like we've had an awful lot of movies lately where entire towns fall victim to plagues that turn them insane, but really, Romero was there first. Timothy Olyphant (hello, "Deadwood" fans) and Radha Mitchell star. (Opens Feb. 26.)

TVYou don't have to know a single thing about this season of "The Bachelor" to get some guilty pleasure out of this week's "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All." It's the annual episode where the kicked-off women return and yell at the Bachelor who rejected them, in this case, pilot Jake. This should be an especially juicy yelling session, since one woman was kicked off for fooling around with a crew member and one of Jake's final two choices is universally hated by the other women. (Feb. 22, 8 p.m., ABC.)

Fashionistas know that the September issue of Vogue is bigger than most small cars. The 2007 version was the single largest issue of a magazine ever published, and "The September Issue" tells the story of editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and the making of that magazine. While some critics claim it doesn't get inside the mysterious Wintour's mind, the documentary received mostly favorable reviews, with the Philadelphia Inquirer calling it "compulsively entertaining."

Even non-soccer fans may enjoy "The Damned United," now out on DVD. Michael Sheen, who plays Tony Blair so well onscreen, takes the role of Brian Clough, controversial manager of Leeds United. If that team name means nothing to you, don't worry. The Los Angeles Times writes, "There's barely any on-field footage in 'The Damned United.' What we get instead is fine acting and directing, splendid dialogue and a story too outrageous to be made up." (Out on DVD Feb. 23.)

If you're a fan of "Mystery Science Theater 3000," you know about Cinematic Titanic, one of two groups (Rifftrax is the other) of MST3K alums still doing their thing on movies. Cinematic Titanic, which includes founder Joel Hodgson, is releasing a new DVD this week, "The Alien Factor," showing the riffers doing their thing on the film at a recent live show. (Watch the first five minutes on You Tube.) Hodgson notes on his blog that one of the monsters "looks kind of like a bug version of Darth Vader, with notes of Sleestack," and another "seems sort of Chewbacca-based." Yes, this will be a fun one. (Out on DVD Feb. 23.)