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Best bets: Return to ‘Woodstock’ 40 years later

"Taking Woodstock" takes movie-goers back to Yasgur's farm. Plus: "thirtysomething" finally hits DVD.
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Movies Do you need more Woodstock nostalgia? Director Ang Lee (“Brokeback Mountain”) offers up “Taking Woodstock,” a lighthearted look about how one family played a crucial role in making the festival happen. Reviews have been mixed, with Time Out calling the film “one of (Lee’s) better ones,” while the Hollywood Reporter disagrees, calling it a “low-wattage film about a high-wattage event.” Still, this gentle film could be a great way to spend a summer afternoon. (Opens Aug. 26)

This last week in August also features a slasher-movie face-off: Rob Zombie’s “Halloween II” vs. “The Final Destination.” Zombie promised, “("Halloween II" starts dark and gets darker. There’s really no nice moments in the whole movie.” However, “Destination” is in 3-D. And producer Greg Perry told that he’s not scared of the competition from Zombie’s film. “I think that they’re being fools because we’re going to beat them and we are going to hurt them tremendously.” (Both films open Aug. 28)

Music It’s tough to keep the momentum going when you start at the top. Just ask Sheffield, England’s Arctic Monkeys, who released the fastest-selling debut album in British music history. The band’s third album, “Humbug,” appears to be a triumph. The U.K.’s wrote that the album “is a triumph of courage and impudence, and one giant step forward for this country’s most impressive youngsters” (On sale Aug. 25)

It’s a good week for British tunes. Singer-songwriter Imogen Heap is back with a new album, “Ellipse,” that the U.K. Guardian gave 4 out of 5 stars. The paper wrote, “This beguiling third album deserves to be her breakthrough moment … Heap sounds by turns warm and inviting and mistily detached.” (On sale Aug. 25)

DVDIt went off the air in 1991, but "thirtysomething," the show that embodied the self-obsessed baby boomer to many, hasn't been released on DVD until now. The first season comes out Aug. 25, and it's a great time to catch up with Hope, Michael, Elliott, Nancy, Melissa, Gary, and oh, those 1980s clothes. Did Hope really have to wear overalls? Seriously? (Out on DVD Aug. 25.)