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Best bets: Jolie stars in ‘Changeling’

Angelina Jolie and Clint Eastwood team up for the movie "Changeling." Also this week:  "The Incredible Hulk" on DVD, new Kenny Chesney CD.
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Would you recognize your child if he’d been kidnapped and returned to you years later? That’s the question posed by Clint Eastwood’s new film, “Changeling.” Angelina Jolie stars as a mother who’s sure the boy who’s being returned to her isn’t actually her son. And, yes, freaked-out moms, it’s based on a true story. (Opens Oct. 24)

One of our most creative screenwriters, Charlie Kaufman (“Adaptation,” “Being John Malkovich”), makes his directorial debut with “Synecdoche, New York.” The surreal tale follows a playwright (Philip Seymour Hoffman) as he spends 40 years writing and staging a play about his life.  (Opens Oct. 24)

Already considered a lock for an Oscar best actress nod, Kristin Scott Thomas stars in the French film “I’ve Loved You So Long.” Thomas plays a woman who reunites with her sister after serving a 15-year prison sentence, and has a hard time adjusting to the world around her. (Opens Oct. 24)

TVThe art of slow-motion is fascinating. The Discovery Channel's new show, "Time Warp," features natural events sloooooowed waaaaay down so you can actually see what happens when a cat licks its paw or someone gets a water balloon to the face. It's got the slapsticky potential of "Wipeout" with the educational cachet of science. (Wednesdays, 8 p.m., Discovery Channel)

The storm chasers in the movie "Twister" were unnerving. Unafraid of the devastation tornadoes could bring, they went running after the funnel clouds while the rest of the characters were trying to run the other way. See the real-life equivalents of those fearless characters in "Storm Chasers." Research meteorologist Dr. Joshua Wurman, filmmaker Sean Casey and newbie chaser Reed Timmer try not to get blown into the land of Ox. (Premieres Oct. 19, 10 p.m., Discovery Channel)

DVDDon't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry. "The Incredible Hulk" hits stores this week. This is the Edward Norton-Liv Tyler version, not the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno TV version, and not the 2003 Ang Lee/Eric Bana version. They'd really rather that you forgot the other ones existed. Although Lou Ferrigno will always be Mean Green to some of us. (Out on DVD Oct. 21)

"The Flight of the Red Balloon" earned absolute raves from many critics. Juliette Binoche plays a harried French mother who takes in a Taiwanese babysitter, and a wonderful half-imaginary world unfolds from there. If you're thinking this sounds a little like a movie you saw way back when, you're right -- it's loosely inspired by the 1956 classic "The Red Balloon," which was shown in many American grade schools up through the 1970s and 1980s. (Out on DVD Oct. 21)

Britney Spears and Heidi Klum are just two of the guest stars on the third season DVD set of the hilarious "How I Met Your Mother." Special features include Lily and Marshall's honeymoon videos and a gag reel.

Music“‘Lucky Old Sun’ is a really personal record,” Kenny Chesney told Great American Country.  “It comes from some pretty deep places.” The new album also contains four live tracks and features input from Willie Nelson and from Bob Marley’s old band, The Wailers.  (On sale Oct. 21)

Ludacris proves you can do it all. Not only is he appearing in the films “Max Payne” and “RocknRolla,” he also squeezed in some time to make his new album, “Theater of the Mind.”  The album includes a collaboration with rock band “Good Charlotte.” (On sale Oct. 21)

Indie poppers Of Montreal are back with a  new album, “Skeletal Lamping.” Singer-songwriter Kevin Barnes told Pitchfork, “It's definitely funkier (than the last album, ‘Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?’). It's fun for me too because it kind of goes against the kind and gentle side of indie rock.” (On sale Oct. 21)