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Best bets: Jay Leno launches new show

"The Jay Leno Show" starts this week. Plus: "Jennifer's Body" hits theaters; Megadeth returns.
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TVJay Leno had a nice farewell celebration back in May, when he handed off the "Tonight Show" to Conan O'Brien. Now after a summer off, the Great Chin will return with his new venture, "The Jay Leno Show," which has earned more headlines for its time slot (10 p.m. ET) than its format. (Read about that here.) Leno's first guest is Jerry Seinfeld, his second, Tom Cruise. Talk about putting your heavy hitters at the top of your lineup. (Premieres Sept. 14, 10 p.m., NBC.)

"The Biggest Loser" always has a cast of endearing folks you can't help but root for, but this group seems especially heart-rending. Abby Rike lost her husband and two children, one just two weeks old, to a drunk driver, and to see her saying "I chose to get out of bed every day, and now I choose to be here," is inspiring. And Shay Sorrells, who starts the show weighing 471 pounds, is determined to shed the stigma of being the not just the heaviest woman, but the heaviest person to ever go on the show. (Premieres Sept. 15, 8 p.m., NBC.)

"Survivor" is back for a new season. The show's in Samoa, and 20 contestants will compete for the million-dollar prize. CBS is promising another villain to root against. Let's hope that whoever wins pays taxes on the prize this time. We're looking at you, first-season villain and winner Richard Hatch. (Premieres Sept. 17, 8 p.m., CBS.)

"Grey's Anatomy"
returns for its sixth season Sept. 24 with plenty of changes. Fans of George and Izzie especially have been bracing for this premiere for some time. If you need to get caught up on last year's weddings, illnesses and other craziness from the docs in Seattle, pick up the fifth season, out on DVD this week. (Out on DVD Sept. 15.)

Movies In Steven Soderbergh’ssatirical “The Informant!” Matt Damon stars as a whistle-blower taking on an agri-business giant. Variety called the film, “the wacky little brother to ‘Erin Brockovich,’” while The Screen Nest wrote, “If you ever wondered what would happen if Soderbergh were to try his hand at being a third Coen brother, in ‘The Informant!’ you have your answer.” (Opens Sept. 18)

September movies

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September movies

Megan Fox heats up “Jennifer’s Body,” Ricky Gervais teaches the world to lie and much more.

In “Jennifer’s Body,” Megan Fox stars as a cheerleader possessed by a demon who decides to kill every boy she meets. This is Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody’s follow-up to “Juno.” Director Karyn Kusama helmed both “Aeon Flux” and “Girlfight,” so she knows a little something about tough women. “Big Love’s” Amanda Seyfried stars as the girl determined to take Fox’s character down. (Opens Sept. 18)

Teen TV fans may know hip-hop star Drake for his role as the wheelchair-bound Jimmy on “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” But music fans have already discovered Drake through his hit single, “Best I Ever Had,” off his new album, “So Far Gone.” The hip-hopper told Rolling Stone that he’s inspired by Passion Pit, David Bowie and Bob Dylan. “I think you should really listen to some Dylan so you're not afraid to be honest,” he said. (On sale Sept. 15)

Feel the need to bang your head? Megadeth has a new album, “Endgame,” which Metal Hammer called “the best Megadeth album in over a decade.” The Web site added, “We’re definitely looking at one of the albums of the year here, no question about it.” Well, done, Dave Mustaine and co. (On sale Sept. 15)