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Best bets: Is ‘Extract’ the new ‘Office Space’?

Will Mike Judge's "Extract" be as quotable as his previous movies? Plus: Whitney Houston returns; "State of Play" hits DVD.
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Movies A new Mike Judge film is nothing to sneeze at. After all, “Office Space” is one of the most quotable movies around, and if you haven’t seen “Idiocracy,” get thee to your Netflix queue. Now Judge returns with “Extract,” a film about the put-upon boss (Jason Bateman) of a flavor extract plant, whose wife (Kristin Wiig) is unfaithful and whose employees are trying to take advantage of him. Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck and the always-excellent J.K. Simmons co-star. (Opens Sept. 4)

Could the future of gaming involve a player controlling a person’s life? That’s the question posed by the new film “Gamer,” with Gerard Butler starring as the world’s most handsome avatar. “Dexter’s” Michael C. Hall adds to his list of bad guys by playing the corporate mastermind behind the game. (Opens Sept. 4)

Music Whitney Houston returns with her first studio album in seven years, “I Look to You.” She looked to her favorite producer Clive Davis when it came to recording the album. Davis told that Houston “still stands for the best of songwriting, the best of singing — and we know the public wants it.” Well, is Davis right? (On sale Sept. 1)

Former Pedro the Lion singer David Bazan releases his first full-length solo album, “Curse Your Branches,” this week.’s Sean Cannon wrote, “I’ve been listening to Bazan’s challenging, insightful, soulful, and even airy, lyrics against the rich layers of instrumentation for months now — and I’m still relishing every spin.” (On sale Sept. 1)

returns for season three this week, and devoted fans are ready. Could this be the season that Cappie and Casey finally get back together? Will Rusty actually maintain a relationship? How many episodes until Beaver’s first drunken binge? And can this show possibly give poor Evan Chambers a less annoying girlfriend for once? Tune in for all the college-aged soap-opera goodness. (Season premiere Aug. 31, 9 p.m., ABC Family)

DVD"Nothing is as it seems in 'State of Play,' " writes Chris Kaltenbach of the Baltimore Sun, dubbing the Russell Crowe flick a "crackerjack political thriller." Adapted from a BBC television drama, the film stars Crowe as a newspaper journalist who digs into the suspicious death of the mistress of a congressman, played by Ben Affleck. The lies, and the risks, start to pile up fast. (Out on DVD Sept. 1)

The demon-hunting brothers of "Supernatural" deserve more attention than they receive. Their fourth season comes out on DVD this week, and it includes battles against Dracula, demons, and a drunk, heavily armed, seven-foot teddy bear. With episodes titled "Criss Angel is a Douche Bag" and "Jump the Shark," how can you go wrong? (Out on DVD Sept. 1)