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Best bets: ‘Bruno’ prances into theater near you

If you’re looking for a provocative comedy that will have you laughing in spite of yourself, search no farther than “Bruno,” plus “Big Brother” returns for another season.
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MoviesIf you’re looking for a provocative comedy that will have you laughing in spite of yourself, search no farther than “Bruno.” Sacha Baron Cohen stars as an Austrian fashion reporter who does everything from kiss another man in front of an angry Ultimate Fighting crowd to adopt an African baby and name him O.J. Warning: You will be offended. But that doesn’t mean you won’t laugh. (Opens July 10)

Have you ever had a crush on someone, but were afraid to admit it? In “I Love You, Beth Cooper,” high school valedictorian Denis Cooverman (Paul Rust) confesses his love for popular Beth Cooper (Hayden Panettiere) during his graduation speech. At first she’s upset, but then she decides that she and her friends will give Denis a graduation night to remember. (Opens July 10)

MusicAfter an 8-year absence, neo-soul singer Maxwell returns with a new album, “BLACKsummers’night.” The U.K. Guardian gave the album three stars and wrote that despite some trite lyrics, “Maxwell's voice is so unusually rich and supple that at best, as on the mercurial ‘Bad Habits,’ you cannot help but disregard his fondness for cliché.” (On sale July 7)

Former Uncle Tupelo frontman Jay Farrar returns with Son Volt’s new album, “American Central Dust.” Never one to take things lightly, Farrar’s song topics include industrial America’s decline and a true-life nautical disaster. Spin magazine gave the album three and a half stars and wrote, “For all the vintage touches, this is a deceptively funky band.” (On sale July 7)

Love it or hate it, "Big Brother" is back. The 12-person cast are apparently all strangers to each other this year, unlike in past seasons when people with previous relationships, good and bad, were thrown into the mix. Apparently a 13th "mystery houseguest" will be added two days before the premiere. The current cast includes a surfer, a Southern waitress, a CalTech neuroscientist, and a mixed martial-arts fighter nicknamed "Russell the Lovemuscle." It's a shame those last two aren't the same person. (Season premiere July 9, 8 p.m., CBS.)

Also returning this week: "Entourage." The boys are back, and this time around, Vince will be busy with his role in Martin Scorsese's adaptation of "The Great Gatsby." Apparently, Vince believes in the green light, too. (Season premiere July 12, 10:30 p.m., HBO.)

DVDYes, "Mystery Science Theater" has been off the air for a decade now, but since rights to each of its mocked movies must be negotiated separately, the entire show isn't on DVD. Fans snap up each new four-pack when it comes out, and there's a new one this week. "Mystery Science Theater 3000: XV" includes "The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy," "The Girl in Lovers Land," "Zombie Nightmare," and "Racket Girls." "The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy" is a rare first-season release, so even devotees may find it new to them. (Out on DVD July 7.)

Good grief, "Peanuts" fans! The "Peanuts 1960s Collection" will be out on DVD this week. It includes the holiday classics "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," plus the lesser-known "Charlie Brown's All-Stars," "He's Your Dog," "It Was a Short Summer." Alert your favorite blockheads and fussbudgets. (Out on DVD July 7.)