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Best bets: Britney's back, and life's a ‘Circus’

Britney's back with her latest CD, "Circus." Also this week: "Frost/Nixon" comes to theaters.
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MusicCan the princess of pop make a comeback? My said “yes, definitely,” and who am I to disagree with a toy?  Britney Spears returns with a full head of hair and “Circus,” her latest album. She’s also set to appear on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, Dec. 2.  (On sale Dec. 2)

Timothy Hutton stars in TNT's new drama series, "Leverage," about a criminal group who only steal from wealthy businesspeople and their companies. Hmm, does that make it OK? Are they giving to the poor, like Robin Hood? We'll see. (Premieres Dec. 7, 10 p.m.)

DVD"Step Brothers" features inspired casting if nothing else: Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play 40ish men who've never moved out of their parents' homes, and who end up in the same family when Will's mom marries John C.'s dad. One thing's for sure: Peter Brady never did to Greg's drum set what one of these brothers does, and aren't we all thankful for that? (On DVD Dec. 2.)

MoviesForget Katie Couric vs. Sarah Palin. The confrontation between David Frost (Michael Sheen) and disgraced President Richard Nixon (Frank Langella) had TV viewers riveted in 1977. Now Ron Howard brings “Frost/Nixon” to the big screen. The perfect flick for those suffering from election-season withdrawal. (Opens Dec. 5)

What happens when a Nobel Prize winner’s son (Bryan Greenberg) gets kidnapped and his genius dad (Alan Rickman) decides not to pay? Well, in the new flick “Nobel Son,” the son and the kidnapper go into cahoots, of course.  (Opens Dec. 5)

Did the "Punisher" movie with John Travolta and Thomas Jane make you nuts? How about a total reboot of the series that has no connection to that piece of dreck? Ray Stevenson (a.k.a. Titus Pullo from HBO’s “Rome”) takes on the role of the vigilante anti-hero in “Punisher: War Zone.”  (Opens Dec. 5)