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Best bets: Aniston flips 'The Switch'

Is a movie about mommy issues really the best choice for the former "Friend"? Plus: "Piranha 3D" bites audiences; Brian Wilson tackles George Gershwin songs.
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MoviesIf you were Jennifer Aniston, would you really want to star in a story about a woman who uses artificial insemination to get pregnant? After all, you face tabloid headlines every week blaring that you're pregnant; wait, now you're not; oh, now you are again; you want kids; you hate kids; your lack of love for kids drove Brad Pitt away ... it's never ending. Still, Aniston threw herself right into the topic again by starring in "The Switch," playing a mom who learns that the sperm sample that fathered her son came from her best friend (Jason Bateman). Can Bateman and Aniston rise above a groaner of a plot? We'll soon find out. (Opens Aug. 20.)

The studio isn't screening "Piranha 3D" for critics, but really, who needs a review? The title tells it all, and then some. Fish! With deadly teeth! Gnawing at scantily clad Spring Breakers! This all feels like that TV movie we loved a few years ago ("Spring Break Shark Attack") except for ONE THING: It's in 3-D. Here's hoping the cute lil piranhas jump right into moviegoers laps! (Opens Aug. 20.)

"Hardcore Pawn"
is a fairly riveting reality show. Les Gold (of COURSE that's his name) runs American Jewelry and Loan, a pawn shop in Detroit, along with his two adult children, Seth and Ashley. In the first episode alone, the shop takes in a stripper pole and a horse, and Seth has to call the police when a shrieking woman who claims the shop lost her earrings threatens his life. (Premieres Aug. 16, 10 p.m., truTV.)

MusicBrian Wilson, founding member and mastermind of the Beach Boys, is pretty universally recognized as a musical genius. So, too, is composer George Gershwin, of "Porgy and Bess" and "Rhapsody in Blue" fame.  So "Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin" is a double dose of musical brilliance. Gershwin's estate granted Wilson access to rare unfinished songs, and he produced two new compositions and re-recorded 12 classics. (Out on CD Aug. 17.)

DVDThe fourth season of "Dexter" adds a major character and subtracts one as well. No spoilers here, but suffice to say that being a family man isn't easy for a serial killer, even one who hides his secret life so well. If you prefer your family dramas with more football and less blood, the fourth season of "Friday Night Lights" also hits DVD this week. Just don't get them mixed up. (Both sets out on DVD Aug. 17.)

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