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Berry says yes to motherhood, no to marriage

Halle Berry wants to have a child — but after her unhappy split from her last husband, she has no intention of getting married.
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Halle Berry wants to have a child — but after her unhappy split from her last husband, she has no intention of getting married.

The “X-Men” star, who turns 40 in August, has been telling interviewers that she is planning to adopt or conceive a child soon.

“I no longer have the need to be someone’s wife,” Berry told the Canadian News Service. “And, I no longer have the need to feel validated through marriage.”

Berry says she isn’t worried about the effect on the child. “My mother was alone and raised me,” she said. “And I think I came out OK.”

Berry told another reporter, “I don’t think you need a piece of paper for the child to feel loved or legitimate.”  The star has soured on marriage because she’s paying ex-hubby Eric Benet alimony. “Yeah, that’s not good,” Berry said. “Especially when he cheats on you like 27 times.”

Ready for the altar
Unlike Berry, Colin Farrell is all too ready to get married.

The notoriously wild actor is reportedly ready to get hitched to his “Pride and Glory” co-star Lake Bell. The two have been dating for two months.

“Colin is a changed man since he went into rehab in December and he wants to find someone to settle down with,” a source told the Irish Mirror. “In the last five years he’s found it hard to settle down but he says that Lake has been his rock and he can’t live without her.” His rep couldn’t be reached for comment.

Notes from all over
Leonardo DiCaprio
is urging fans to see Al Gore’s film on global warming. “Go See ‘An InconvenientTruth’when it comes to your town!” the ecologically-minded DiCaprio writes on his Web site. “Gore is funny, engaging, open and downright on fire about getting the surprisingly stirring truth about what he calls our ‘planetary emergency’ out to ordinary citizens before it’s too late.” ... Will Denise Richards want to join Bon Jovi? Richie Sambora’s girlfriend is now saying that she wants the guitarist to teach her how to play.  ... Maybe Martha Stewart should have plea bargained with the SEC. Last week, the domestic diva announced that she would fight rather than settle civil charges brought against her by the regulatory commission. “This is going to be as messy as her criminal trial,” Chris Byron, author of a best-selling biography of Stewart told the Scoop. While Stewart won’t have to serve time if she’s convicted, the standard of proof is much lower, notes Byron.  “She had an opportunity to make this go away, and she didn’t. It’s pure hubris. How many times do you have to sit on a stove to realize that you get your behind burned?”

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