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Pretty, pretty, pretty good! Bernie Sanders and Larry David come face to face on TODAY

The Democratic presidential hopeful and his "Saturday Night Live" doppelganger shared some laughs and some impersonations on TODAY.
/ Source: TODAY

Bernie Sanders and Larry David met up on TODAY Friday, and it was prettay, prettay, pretty good.

The distant cousins shared some laughs and some impersonations after bumping into one another in TODAY's Studio 1A.

The Vermont senator and Democratic presidential hopeful was there to talk politics, while his "Saturday Night Live" doppelganger happened to coincidentally be there to promote season 10 of his HBO hit, "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

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Al Roker asked David, 72, who hilariously portrayed Sanders, 78, on multiple "SNL" episodes, what it would mean to him if Sanders were elected president in 2020.

"As I said before, it's great for the country, terrible for me,'' David said in his best staccato Sanders voice. "I have to fly in. To do him. Every week. It wouldn't be pleasant, I must tell you."

Sanders then threw up his hands.

"I'm giving you a good job for four years, and you're complaining,'' he joked.

David mimicked Sanders' statement right back to him in his best Sanders voice.

"See, I'm trying to learn to imitate him,'' Sanders joked.

David expressed a similar sentiment to Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show" Wednesday night.

"If he wins do you know what that's gonna do to my life?" David lamented. "Do you have any idea?"

David and Sanders had met in person before Friday, as Sanders previously joined David for a "Titanic" spoof on "SNL."

The two bald guys from Brooklyn are actually distant cousins, which they found out in 2017 on an episode of the PBS show "Finding Your Roots."

"We go back to the old country,'' David joked to Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb on TODAY Friday. "I feel a familial connection with him. I do."

David also revealed that Savannah and Hoda will be playing themselves in an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" this season.

"You know what, I was very impressed,'' David said about their performance. "Very natural."

David also joined Al Roker to do the weather, giving Al and his colorful glasses a taste of the famous curmudgeon he plays on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" after Al made fun of the way he pronounced the word "surfeit" earlier in the show.

"You are so mean and your glasses are ridiculous, OK?" David said. "How do you buy a pair of glasses (like that)? Who do you think you are? What are you doing? I don't know how your producer lets you get on TV with those things."

Once Al recovered from being doubled over laughing, David proceeded to shred his job as a weatherman.

"This is a hard job you have,'' he said. "Oh, it's gonna be sunny here, it's very cold, very cold over here. I mean c'mon! You go into all this detail, all you've got to do is say, 'It's cold, it's warm, it's raining, it's snowing.' That's it! We don't need 10 minutes up here."