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Benedict Cumberbatch tries on new names for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Benedict Cumberbatch is put to the test

Oscar-nominee Benedict Cumberbatch has undoubtedly one of the coolest names in Hollywood. So cool, Jimmy Kimmel went as far as saying his name, “might be the greatest name ever given to a human being.” 

But, Kimmel wondered, would the "Sherlock" star have the same amount of “gravitas and charisma” without his distinctive moniker? To find an answer, Kimmel challenged Cumberbatch to try out different names. The result is this fabulous mashup of the actor introducing himself at a bar with names like Chad and Fred.

Cumberbatch also attempted to make names like The Hamburglar, Yo-Yo Ma and Five Dollar Foot Long sound cool. He even tried out TODAY's own Al Roker and Kathie Lee Gifford’s names. 

The result: Cumberbatch can still make every girl swoon, even with a name like “Certified Public Accountant, David Weinstein.”