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Ben Affleck’s behavior raises eyebrows

After Ben Affleck's junket for “Surviving Christmas,” some people were wondering what was up with the star.
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What’s up with Ben Affleck?

That’s what some people were wondering after the star’s junket for “Surviving Christmas.” In interviews for the flick, some journalists thought Affleck behaved strangely, seemed uninterested in talking about the movie, cursed rather freely, waved his arms distractedly, and even put his head in co-star Christina Applegate’s lap. “It was, to put it mildly, an odd experience,” noted Paul Fischer, who interviewed Affleck and Applegate for

Affleck, for example, took a swipe at his long-time friend, Kevin Smith, who is said to be mad at him for not appearing at the DVD launch of “Jersey Girl.” “It wasn’t enough that I went to Vegas to play in his lame charity poker tournament for the DVD launch of ‘Jersey Girl,’ but I also had to go out to his f------ store where he’s opening a store where all he’s doing is selling more T-shirts of him and his jack--- friend and he’s roped in an entire generation of kids into thinking it’s worth spending $30 on and $50 if he signs it,” Affleck explained. “I mean the whole thing is a complete travesty and he wanted me to participate in it and I won’t do that.”

Regarding his participation in helping re-write and ad-lib on Affleck said, “My writing is sacred. Other people’s is dull. No. If you had a Tom Stoppard script you would be wise not to try improvising much, you know, you just like speak the words as they are written precisely. But if you have a dog s--- script or even something that is decent but requires some fixing, then you just do that.”

Regarding action films, Affleck commented: “I don’t want to do any action movies, I’m tired of it. They’re boring and they’re exhausting and they suck.”

Affleck’s spokesman robustly defended his client. “He did a full hour and a half on the red carpet at the premiere the night before the junket, and did a full seven hours for two full days of junkets,” his spokesman, Ken Sunshine, told The Scoop. “He also had a bad sore throat. In all that time he answered many, many stupid questions — and answered most of them with humor, sometimes outrageously funny humor. I would probably have walked out on these jerks when they feel they must ask about Jennifer. Behaving strangely? I behaved strangely, not him.”

Party on, DemiDetails are pouring in from that Kabbalah party that Demi Moore threw for Rabbi Michael Berg’s new book: “Becoming Like God.”

Madonna and Guy Ritchie attended the swank soirée at London’s Home House. Donatella Versace and Gwyneth Paltrow were also there, and but our source says that Moore’s young sweetie, Ashton Kutcher, was notably absent.

“Maybe he’s busy with work,” says our insider. “Or maybe he hasn’t been drinking the Kool-Aid.”

Yusaf Islam, formerly known as the rock star Cat Stevens, arrives at London's Heathrow airport after being refused entry to America Thursday, Sept. 23, 2004. Lawyers for Islam said Friday, Oct. 1, 2004, that they have asked American officials to remove his name from aAdam Butler / AP

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