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Ben Affleck, Kanye West hype season finale of 'SNL'

Ben Affleck is hosting the season finale of "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, and he joined musical guest Kanye West and cast member Fred Armisen to promote the big show.

In three clips, Armisen plays the funny man against the super-straight Affleck and West. The Band-Aid on West's forehead (owee!) cracks more of smile than the rapper ever does. "Three best friends back at it," West deadpans.

Affleck also does a series of promos with cast member Bill Hader. "Hey, I loved 'Fargo,'" Hader tells the Oscar-winning director of "Argo." This after asking about the fictional country of Iran depicted in the film.

We can only hope West matches or exceeds his musical effort from 2010. More ballerinas, please.

Oh, and we'll be watching to see how long it takes for Gwyneth Paltrow to muscle her way into Affleck's show.

"SNL" airs Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.