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Ben Affleck gives Matt Damon sweet shoutout for #NationalBestFriendsDay

In case you needed a reminder, Ben Affleck showed on National Best Friend Day that his bromance with Matt Damon is as a strong as ever.
/ Source: TODAY

In an uncertain world, only three things are guaranteed: death, taxes and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon being best friends forever.

It wouldn't have officially been National Best Friend Day on Wednesday if the human embodiment of #FriendshipGoals didn't remind everyone that Will Hunting and his pal Chuckie are still hanging out after all these years.

Affleck, 43, sent out a sweet Instagram featuring pictures of them together at an old birthday party for Damon, 45, that of course ended up with Affleck's face slammed into the cake.

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"This guy,'' Affleck wrote before hashtagging the post #NationalBestFriendsDay.

The bromance that began when they were kids still burns bright between Batman and Jason Bourne. The two were also recently named "Guys of the Decade" at Spike TV's Guys Choice awards on June 4.

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"I think it goes without saying that this is an award Matt and I have been dreaming about since we were little boys,'' Affleck said on the show. "I did 'Gigli' and Matt did the Liberace movie and it sounded out of reach. Then I did ('Batman v Superman') and all of a sudden it was back in reach again."

Damon, who grew up with Affleck in Massachusetts and collaborated with him on the Oscar-winning "Good Will Hunting,'' reflected on their early days in his hilarious commencement speech on June 3 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"For all the amazing successes I’ve been lucky to share, few things have shaped me more than the auditions Ben and I used to go on as young actors, where we’d get on a bus, show up in New York, wait our turn, cry our hearts out for a scene and then be told, ‘OK, thanks,’ meaning game over," he said. "We used to call it, ‘OK, thanks,’ and those experiences became our honor.”

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Damon also passed on some wisdom imparted to him by his best friend.

"As the great philosopher Benjamin Affleck once said, 'Judge me by how good my good ideas are, not how bad my bad ideas are."

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