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Ben Affleck did J.Lo's 10-day challenge — and this is how he ended it!

Inspired by his long-ago ex and her partner, Alex Rodriguez, Ben Affleck gave up bread, sugar and dairy. But when it was over, he found a way to make up for it.
Ben Affleck
NBC/Nathan Congleton/TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

Back in January, TODAY viewers learned about Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's 10-day dietary challenge when J.Lo dared our very own Hoda Kotb to join them in ditching carbs, sugars, dairy and more in the name of feeling fit.

The challenge motivated others to give it a try — both here in Studio 1A and beyond. And on Monday morning, we learned that Lopez's former fiancé, Ben Affleck, was among those who joined along.

"I saw (it) on this show and got inspired," he said while chatting with Hoda.

The participants who successfully completed the challenge were only part of the inspiration for him. He was also encouraged by one in particular who did not.

"I saw Carson Daly bombed out after a day and a half," he laughed. "I knew I could make it past the donut tray for longer than a day."

From off-camera, Carson could be heard correcting the 46-year-old star, noting that he didn't last a day and a half or even an entire day. "One hour," he shouted.

"It's not easy. I will admit, Carson, that it was a little bit tough," Affleck said. "It's awful for the first couple of days because I'm definitely somebody who likes bread and dessert."

He also likes caffeine, which violated the rules Lopez and Rodriguez set out.

"No bread, no sugar, no dairy, and yeah — it's supposed to be no caffeine. I cheated on the caffeine a little bit," he confessed. "I can't."

But even without forgoing his daily cup of Joe, he feels better for having done the challenge.

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"It's one of those things, where it's terrible and you get through it, and you're like, 'Oh, I feel pretty good,'" he explained.

And something else felt good, too: The favorite food he devoured after it was all over.

"I had three bagels," he laughed.

Well, Lopez — who from 2002 to 2004, along with Affleck, was one half of the romance dubbed "Bennifer" — couldn't hold that against him.

In fact, this peek at Rodriguez's post-challenge spread makes three bagels really look like something to laugh about.

A-rod served up three pizzas, along with ample servings of wings, fries, pastries and more!